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IBM makes life easier for enterprise Mac users

The decades-old conflict between PCs and Apple’s Macs softened a little more this week when IBM unveiled new services that further simplify integration of Macs into cloud-based enterprise environments. IBM and Apple have had a working relationship for years, but thanks to an expansion of IBM’s MobileFirst Managed Mobility Services portfolio, designed specifically to support […]

Office 365 – Understanding Archiving in Lync Online [Mac Edition]

In the recent article “Office 365 – Understanding Archiving in Lync Online“, I spent some time going through the differences between Conversation History and Archiving in Lync Online. While I’m not a Mac user, a commenter on that article asked about the behavior on a Mac. Certainly a valid question,after all, anyone that has used […]

Designing From A Fresh Perspective

As a designer, its easy to fall into patterns that conform to established models. But to truly innovate, you must bring a fresh perspective to every design challenge. I was recently reminded of the value of a fresh perspective, when my 7 year old daughter took on the challenge of making a computer for her American Girl […]

How OS Mavericks Indirectly Impacted Healthcare

A few weeks ago, Apple announces the free upgrade to OS Mavericks. My neighbor upgraded immediately and everything was working fine. Until today. Prior to his endocrinologist appointments each quarter, he logs onto a website where he can quickly and easily upload his blood sugar numbers prior to his doctor appointment. It’s amazing technology that […]

Checkout SVN repository from Mountain Lion 10.8.2

I got a chance to work on old MacBook Pro recently. Get the memory upgraded to 8GB from 4GB, OS X upgraded to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 from Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Everything seems good from the few days trying. But when I tried to connect to SVN this morning, I could not checkout! SSL handshake failed: […]

User Experience and Plain Language – Again

In relation to my previous posts about Apple’s iCloud and syncing capabilites, I came across an article on Poor Copywriting. How surprised I was to find this picture: When I think about all of the syncing anxiety I’ve had with Apple’s failed MobileMe product across devices and channeled through the cloud – I realize that it’s […]

iTunes + iCloud. From the Multi-Channel Mouths of Jobs

“Keeping these devices in sync is driving us crazy,” Mr. Jobs said. As an iTunes user, there have been some instances where my itunes preferences have automatically reset based on various updates. I have since learned to check my preferences every single time there is an update to make sure that I don’t lose any […]

MobileMe is Dead.

  Alright. Here it is. Today’s good morning announcement. Let’s call it ‘setting expectations’. A plain language conversation with users about how to potentially (because they are still figuring it out) smoothly transition your data….in the future (this fall)…. ….iCloud subscription is actually free ONLY with OSX Lion and iOS 5 users (which requires purchase […]