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Mobile App Automation

Expand your search using AWS native services to identify, comprehend and securely store documents.

The document debacle Companies continue to fight the battle of the age-old problem: paper documents. Adapting to document modernization to expand the ability to search, catalog and protect HIPAA\PII data is paramount. Perficient continues to help businesses speed up the time it takes to digitize documents for further integration in other sectors. In this article, […]

A Search for Answers: The Future of Sitecore, Solr, and You

Sitecore 9 introduces a relatively fundamental change in the core platform that will affect a lot of installations across the developer world: Lucene is (almost) out of the picture. Sitecore has always supported multiple search indexing providers, namely Lucene and Solr (shoutout to Coveo for all they do as well). Lucene has always been the […]

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How to Force the Index to Update on the CD Server

The issue: Index not updating properly A while back I ran into an issue where the index on the CD server was not updating correctly.   I checked the EventQueue table and the event existed to update the index but it just wasn’t happening.   I cleared the EventQueue table and tried again but in some cases […]

Sitecore Lucene Info Stream Logs

One of our CD servers started generating a bunch of large Lucene log files that chewed up all of the available disk space. This occurred out of the blue and actually brought the CD server down to a halt. I’m familiar with all of the Sitecore log files that live in the \Data\logs, but these […]


Indexing Patterns in Sitecore

Proper Search Index implementation is an essential part of development for the Sitecore platform. When you begin to work with indexes, you have to decide what index to use in your project and how store data in it. This article intends to show you possible options and give you tools to make educated decisions.

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Media Indexing Approaches

Sitecore has powerful search capabilities for those who are interested in runtime performance. Lucene is embedded by default with a standard set of indexes for all databases that is automatically refreshed upon change of content. LINQ-based queries allow you to easily retrieve documents and filter them. So, to make a website faster, it’s wise not […]

Sitecore Search and Index Rebuild

This situation came up and was logged as a bug with a client. While I had been exposed to the issue at a previous client, other folks on the team were not as familiar and unsure what to do next as a result of the message. Due to that I figured I would put together […]