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Replacing Dirty Ac Filter

Sitecore Powershell 3: Filtering the Result Set Using Where-Object

In the previous post, we saw how to use Get-Item and GetChildItem to retrieve information about Sitecore items. These are useful when we want every item that fits under the given Path to be retrieved. Now, let’s discuss more about what problems can be solved using Where-Object. Get-ChildItem cmdlet retrieves a list of children of […]

Circulo (Looping) logic in Informatica

Many of us have used the looping logic in programming languages or in others tool that we use. Looping logic is when you process each record continuously until it reaches its maximum limit. So, what’s new in looping logic? Let’s see here. In Informatica, it is quite problematic to loop a single record and there […]

Transforming Data with Loop and Vector

As promised, today I am sharing the fundamentals of using the LOOP and VECTOR in a SPSS Syntax script. LOOP LOOP is a common programming concept – it simply allows you to apply or execute the same script commands for an identified number of times without having to recode them.   VECTOR A VECTOR is […]