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Clarifying Excel’s lookup functions

I’ve decided to write some of my own documentation for common use cases of the Excel functions LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and XLOOKUP because the official documentation is pretty confusing. It uses “lookup value” as a synonym for “key”, when one would conventionally expect a “lookup value” to be a synonym for “value”! (After all, in […]

Oracle BI Data Sync: How to Add a New Fact

Following my previous blog post on how to add a new Dimension to a Data Sync task, this post looks at how to add a Fact and perform a lookup on dimensions while loading the target fact table in a data warehouse using Data Sync. To refer to the blog post on adding a Dimension […]

Oracle BI Data Sync: How to Add a New Dimension

In this and the following post, I will cover the steps entailed in adding dimension and fact tasks in Oracle Data Sync. The latest releases of Data Sync included a few important features such as performing look-ups during an ETL job. So I intend to cover these best practices when adding new dimension and fact […]

MuleSoft Salesforce Connector Release and fieldsToNull

Hot off the press, MuleSoft just released a new Salesforce connector “”. If you read carefully, that’s about 5 days ago. Normally, I’m not in a hurry to update new connector release. However, this time it may be worthwhile to get the new version if you need to use a particular feature: setting SFDC fields to […]

The Details of Master-Detail Relationships

  Many organizations need to setup relationships between objects in Salesforce.  In doing so, a choice must be made between a “Lookup” relationship and a “Master-Detail” relationship.  I’m often asked about these options, and how to decide which one is needed. Ask yourself these questions about your requirements: Do I want the visibility and edit-ability of my child object records to be […]