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Apache Sling’s Hidden Gem: Request Processing Analyzer

Recently I was investigating a response timeout issue in an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) implementation. The AEM application serves content both to the browser and portal application. The portal system makes a request to AEM, and AEM processes that request and returns the request in JSON format. As per the architecture, the response from AEM should reach the portal within five seconds. […]

A Better Way to Analyze Your Logs

At Perficient, our SupportNet team uses a variety of tools for analyzing logs across the Oracle applications. There are a number of different file formats, which often makes parsing logs troublesome. We have adopted use of regular expressions to help parse the variety of formats that we have to routinely analyze. “A regular expression (regex […]

Reduce Your Development Time with AEM Chrome Plug-in

While attending one of the hands-on session labs at Adobe Summit 2017, I came across an interesting tool: the AEM Chrome Plug-in. Add the plug-in to your Chrome browser and configure it. When you open the Chrome Developer Tools, it shows as a tab. The UI is very simple and easy to navigate. It as a […]