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Customizing Oracle EPM Workspace Logon Page for Part I

It is very important for users to identify to which environments are they logging in. For this reason, I am sharing the following insights into how to customize the Oracle EPM workspace logo, which will help users determine if they are logging into a Production, Development, or QA environment. Out of the box Workspace log […]

Google’s attention to detail – down to a single pixel

I have always been impressed with Google’s attention to detail.  The custom yellow shell around the Google Search Appliance is completely useless, but I suspect it has enhanced the value of their trademark.  GMail’s reminder when you mention an attachment in your message but forget to actually attach a document is downright useful. Two recent examples caught my attention, and […]

The Rebranding of Yahoo!

  Marissa Mayer has been making headlines across the web for her efforts in trying to turn around the Yahoo! brand. In February a memo was sent to all remote employees telling them to report to work…in an office. In May, the internet was buzzing with the purchase of Tumblr. This month, Marissa Mayer was […]

Pimp Your Logo with JQuery

Dennis Bland has an interesting post on our Spark blog on using JQuery to change your logo.  They have a great example of allowing your logo to change without using Flash.