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Business Connectivity Services: AttachmentAccessor Associations Using Windows Communication Foundation from Line of Business Systems

I’m working on a project where a client has a couple of Line of Business (LOB) systems that need to be connected to SharePoint 2010.We’re using Business Connectivity Services (BCS) to integrate them with SharePoint.For extensibility and maintainability reasons, we’re using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to connect to the LOB systems, which usually involve some […]

Business Connectivity Services: FAST Indexing With Null Values in Arrays from BCS Entities

Recently, I was working with Jeff Monette [] at a client, setting up some Business Connectivity Services (BCS) connectors in SharePoint 2010 to index them with a FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 install.The connectors were set up correctly, and accessing data from external Line of Business (LOB) systems was not a problem.What turned out to […]