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The value of listening in your consulting strategy

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then listening is worth $500,000 The value of listening in your consulting strategy In the late spring of 2002, I took a consulting assignment to help a company, who provided parts to Ford Motor company’s assembly line.  Little did I know that this project would soon show […]

Is listening the central competence for effective leadership?

Most of us have little insight into how well our listening skills are performing in our working relationships. And yet research is showing that effectiveness in the workplace hinges partly on an overlooked ability to actively (consciously) listen. And research goes even further to say, success at work and in leading teams depends on a […]

When overseas teams cannot fully understand US colleagues

I joined a conference call this morning and was quite happy because I understood much more of what my U.S. colleague was saying than I have on other calls. One of my Chinese colleagues recorded the meeting so that we can play it back to avoid missing any important points. When I listened to this […]