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Richard Baxter’s Full Input to Majestic – OSE Shootout

Richard Baxter is the founder of SEO Gadget, an SEO agency specializing in large site architecture, conversion rate optimization (CRO), keyword research, technical SEO, infographics, content development and most of all, link building in competitive industries. Catch him speaking at Mozcon on the 26th of July. 1. Freshness of data (delay between link being detected […]


Wiep Knol’s Full Input to Majestic – OSE Shootout

Wiep Knol is a creative link marketer that lives in The Netherlands. From there he runs his company Gila Media, which offers link building services and consultancy. He is also the co-founder of, a Dutch link building agency. offers link building consultancy, workshops, training sessions and campaign management for (mainly) Dutch websites. 1. […]