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Build an Influencer Spectrum for Successful Organizational Change

What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear the title of “influencer”? For people active on social media, an influencer is someone who has established credibility, a large audience, and the ability to influence others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity (1). The influencer phenomenon has become so big […]

Mapping the Island of California & Other Myths in Leading Change

Living in the great state of Arizona, I see people travel frequently between Phoenix and Southern California. According to the map app on my phone, the California border is only 3 hours away if I drive west on Interstate 10. Plus, my phone gives me written and audio turn-by-turn instructions with a detailed map of […]

Avoid the Day-old Sushi Approach to Leading Organizational Change

Do you love sushi as much as I do? So how do you know if what you ordered was made fresh with quality ingredients? Would you buy pre-packaged sushi from a gas station or convenience store on some remote highway? What if that sushi was also over a day old – how many risks are you […]

Tools to Calibrate the Need for Organizational Change Management

While digital transformation started gradually over 25 years ago, this new wave of data driven innovation has steadily gained momentum. Today, digital transformation includes a wide umbrella of technologies – including the cloud, Big Data, analytics, artificial intelligence, mobile/mobility, and IoT. For me, the digital transformation revolution gives us an incredible number of tools to improve how we […]

You are a project stakeholder

Build a Perpetual Beta Mindset to Speed Organizational Change

Nearly every day, I can scan the headlines on my news feeds and read a report on the dramatic ways that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we work. While the field of AI is wide and evolving, I like the definition given by Nils J. Nilsson, a founding AI researcher at Stanford University: Artificial intelligence is that activity devoted to making machines intelligent, and intelligence […]

Leading Organizational Change – Art or Science?

For better or worse, leading organizational change – especially for an external consultant – tends to carry a certain mystique. Perhaps this exists because some aspects of organizational change are intangible, unplanned, and require intuition. Thus, leaders seek out a consultant who can spread “magic dust” throughout the organization to get people to change and […]

NASCAR and Successful Organizational Change – Both Fueled by Strong Sponsors

NASCAR is a fascinating sport. The thunder of roaring engines, speed of racing cars, and energy of cheering crowds. To me, I notice that every car, driver, and pit crew are covered with stickers and patches of logos from sponsors. These sponsors provide the teams with financial and promotional support to connect with their fans […]