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3 Insights Into The Cloud From Oracle’s Q3 2016 Earnings Call

  Oracle’s third quarter 2016 earnings call was peppered with strong revenues and big wins in various categories. But what was most striking was the incredible progress the enterprise software powerhouse has made with regard to the cloud. Between CEO Safra Catz, CEO Mark Hurd (yes, they’re both CEOs), and Executive Chairman of the Board […]

Oracle’s Big Data Discovery in the Cloud

Larry Ellison ends his welcome keynote at Oracle Open World on Sunday evening with Big Data. He announces 2 new cloud services from Oracle related to big data: 1. Big Data Preparation: A cloud product that serves to prepare, repair, enrich, govern and publish data before its ready for analysis. For instance if you are […]

Oracle Product Announcements at OOW15

In his welcome keynote on Sunday evening, Larry Ellison announces a set of new Oracle Products. The overall focus is the Cloud. Here is a summary of the new product announcements: 1. 2 new oracle cloud apps: Manufacturing and E-commerce in the cloud 2. New tool to build apps and easily extend any Oracle SaaS […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Starts With a Bang Both Indoors and Out

Oracle is big and mighty and Oracle is evolving to stay relevant at the forefront for many years to come. This is the message you get if you happen to pass by the Metreon  today to watch a movie, shop at the Westfield mall in San Francisco or travel across the world to have an […]

Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Larry Ellison

Intel’s preliminary presentation gave us a lot of information on the optimization of software and silicon and the trend to use a hybrid approach to cloud. (public and private). Larry Ellison, now the Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, came onto the stage. 2014 has been an important year. Oracle gained a lot of momentum […]