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Building digital KPIs in healthcare

What’s the secret to success in any healthcare digital project? Hint: It’s not a snazzy design or lots of bells and whistles. No matter the project, there’s a key step that separates success from failure. And that key is within your grasp. The key? Before you dive into your project, define what success will be. […]

Redesigning Your Website? Know Your Goals and KPIs

Redesigning or building a website is a multi-faceted experience, filled with excitement and opportunity as much as risk and challenges. Ensuring success requires looking not only at the website itself, but how you’re going to get visitors there. Budgets are often spent crafting the ideal user experience without much attention given to how to maintain […]

Zen and the Art of Search Statistics

Yesterday a client asked me what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) they should be tracking on their public site search. At first I was afraid I would not be able to answer this question – I don’t know their business or website nearly as well as they do. I know the wide variety of statistics that are […]