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KT on KT: An Expert’s Guide to Knowledge Transfer

Back in my teeth-cutting days as a journalist, we were always told a good headline/title will hook the readers. Today, we call that click bait, did it work? So, what’s this missive about? Well, my initials are KT and I’m going to espouse the importance of and some best practices of good Knowledge Transfers (KTs). […]

A Recipe for an Exceptional Customer Experience

Marketers are now in the business of selling experiences – not products – and the numbers that support this statement do not lie. According to a survey of more than 7,000 marketers worldwide, two of the top three digital priorities for 2016 include targeting/personalization and content optimization. Creating and delivering an exceptional customer experience is […]

Google Search Appliance Change Brings Opportunity

Google is a visionary and a cloud-first organization. In an announcement today, Google has decided to sunset the hardware-based Google Search Appliance (GSA) and focus their engineering efforts on cloud-based solutions. The GSA will remain supported for the next three years, giving you plenty of time to evaluate the future of your enterprise search investment and continue to […]

Can You Quantify a Cold?

How do computers see the world?  Can they tell if we are happy?  Can they predict what we are going to have for dinner next Tuesday?  Can they recognize when we are sick? Well, my iPhone can.  Sort of. I was (finally) recovering from a nasty cold last week and I opened the Health app on my phone and noticed that […]