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Guide To Transforming Financial Institutions With Agile

The post-pandemic era has ignited monumental changes in the global financial realm, forcing financial services institutions into unchartered territory when it comes to digitization. Many startups and more and more legacy financial services institutions are reaping the benefits of employing an Agile methodology to digitize at scale and address the customer expectations of today. Agility […]

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How to Make Agile Iteration Possible Within Waterfall Budgeting – Part 2

In Part 1 of How to Make Agile Iteration Possible Within Waterfall Budgeting, I covered the business desire to achieve iterative development and quick time-to-market, with the reservations of rigid waterfall budgeting and planning.  I also covered pre-project and project start steps, which I believe are critically important to achieving the desired result during implementation.  […]

Agile Iterations In A Waterfall Timeline

How to Make Agile Iteration Possible Within Waterfall Budgeting

Product owners love the flexibility and short lead time of being Agile. At the same time, it can be difficult for management to adopt. Without a determinant understanding of the final product, there’s a struggle to estimate the total cost and rein in scope.  You could mark work as done within a sprint but the […]

Kindergarten Kanban

Or, All I Really Need to Know About Software Development I Learned in Kindergarten. A visual blog post on the software development lifecycle made up of an actual kanban wall in an actual project war room. 1. Analysis and Design                 2. Construction           […]

Getting useful information out from the CFD

    As I mentioned in the previous post, CFD (Cumulative Flow Diagram) is the chart we can use to monitor the ticket driven/maintenance project status, while CFD does not tell you exactly the status in a numeric way.  The metrics that are suggested to be used to measure the efficiency and the capacity are not that […]

Try Kanban for Ticket Driven Projects

Scrum is the common way for our Global Delivery Center (GDC) to run our development style projects. This has worked very well through the past couple years. While project types are expending in the GDC, problems are found. Take this discussion for example: Sam: How is Scrum fitting into your project? Eddy: Well, my team […]