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How Leading Organizations are Transforming Patient Experience

With 2017 coming to a close it was the perfect opportunity to reflect on all the great things our clients are doing to improve healthcare. Here are three of my favorites: Video: Enhancing Medical Research at the University of Colorado Learn why University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus turned to the cloud to improve security, […]

3 Challenges to Delivering a Killer Member Experience

The healthcare landscape is evolving and there is an enormous amount of pressure on health plans to significantly improve the quality of services they offer. In today’s healthcare ecosystem health plans must deliver an exceptional and personalized member experience and focus their efforts on member engagement and satisfaction. This is no longer an option – […]

Communicating with Caregivers via a Self Service Symptom Checker

Cindy thought she had another Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). She remembered that when she suffered the same symptoms a year ago, she called the nurse triage service. She was treated over the phone, but it was embarrassing to talk about her symptoms at work and she had to wait a while for the nurse. Today […]

Empowering Patients: Engaging Beyond the Traditional Care Setting

Consumerism is changing how we interact with our care providers. Connecting patients more closely to care providers is especially important after discharge from a facility. My colleague Melody Smith Jones @melsmithjones shared an e-Patient petition to the ONC in her whitepaper Patient 360: The Complete View of Patient Engagement that stated “Nothing would result in […]

How Kaiser Permanente Serves More Patients With Less Resources

Healthcare is undergoing a seismic change in the way traditional institutions think about healthcare delivery. From consumer-driven loyalty programs and social listening to telehealth and wellness programs, disruptive technologies are leading the transformation. Telehealth, once reserved for the chronically ill, is now being used to drive increased revenue by creating services that scale beyond traditional […]

Webinar: A Look Inside A Leading Telehealth Provider

Healthcare is undergoing a seismic change in the way organizations think about healthcare delivery, and telehealth is one of the movements leading this evolution. Healthcare organizations are leveraging innovative technologies to: Reduce patient visits and lower healthcare costs Empower patients through self-treatment Deliver alternate methods of patient/provider communication Manage symptoms and medical conditions for the […]

Finding a Real Patient-Centric View in Kaiser Permanente

In healthcare consulting, we discuss the patient-centric view frequently. We want our EMRs, our clinical data repositories, and business processes to be patient-centric and focused on a complete view from that vantage point. On June 21st, I had the privilege of touring the new Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health located near Union Station in […]

Gartner PCC: A Social Business with Exceptional Web Experiences

Gary Dolsen of IBM and David Yoo of Kaiser Permanente spoke about social business and great web experiences. I will admit to being biased because Kaiser is my client and we’ve worked hard on helping them create a great portal platform for Gary Dolsen 95% of standout organizations will focus more on getting closer […]