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JPMorgan Launches Finn To Lure Younger Customers

In an attempt to lure younger customers, JPMorgan released a new mobile app called Finn by Chase. The app will allow users to open an account, deposit checks, track spending, and perform other activities that many companies already offer. JPMorgan is testing out an iOS version of the app in St. Louis, a city where […]

CX Methodology And Site Relationships: Duke-FDA Case Study

If you haven’t read the previous posts in this series, be forewarned that this week’s post might be a little hard to follow, as it assumes you have all of the context from the series to-date. Still, I encourage you to dive in, and I’ll do my best to connect all of the dots for […]

CX Insights And Journey Maps Improve Clinical Site Relationships

In the previous posts in this series, I’ve explained why you should consider clinical sites as your “customers,” and what customer experience (CX) methodology is and how it’s used. In this post, I’ll explain how the methodology applies to clinical sites and how the insights it provides can help improve site relationships. With the notion […]

Reducing Readmission by Connecting with Reluctant Patients

How often do you visit your doctor? If you’re like most Americans, those visits do not happen very often. According to a Commonwealth Fund study the average American visits the doctor only four times a year and that number is decreasing. Compare that with other countries (Japan’s average is 13 times per year, while Germany’s […]

Infographic: 7 Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

Digital transformations, no matter how well planned, develop gaps or fail to cover existing ones. This is natural: companies constantly battle systemic complexities acquired across organizational silos over many years. Introducing a transformation amid all this can be daunting. “Journey mapping” drives insight by simultaneously looking down into each organizational silo and seeing across to where […]

18 Resources For Life Sciences On Digital Transformation

We thought it might be helpful for you if we pulled together all of Perficient’s resources to-date related to digital transformation. Happy discovering! Digital Transformation “Boot Camp” Digital Transformation: Part One: Laying the Groundwork for Success Digital Transformation: Part Two: How the Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation Digital Transformation: Part Three: Building a Mobile Foundation […]

Amplify 2015: Opening Session – The Changing Nature of Marketing

Amplify 2015 is IBM’s conference for Digital Marketing and Commerce. This is a big year for IBM as they look to take advantage of their cloud capabilities and bring together all of the systems they have purchased over the last few years. Alex Banayan kicked off the opening session talking about how life has changed […]

Dreamforce: New Journey Builder Features in Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been a long-time player in marketing automation.  Journey mapping is probably the number one feature requested by companies who want to implement 1:1 marketing based on data coming in from their various marketing assets. When a new customer registers a new product, what do you do?  Most companies probably do nothing. […]