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Where to Begin After a Marketo Audit

The Secret Guide to Working With a Recruiter

How to Best Work With a Recruiter As a job applicant, navigating the interview process from first call to first day can be a daunting and, let’s be honest, tiring process. There’s a ton of research to do (but where should you focus your research?), people to meet (but what are their personalities like?), and […]

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8 Valuable Resources to Prepare for Your Perficient Job Interview

Passion and excitement go a long way when meeting new people, especially potential employers. One way to demonstrate that drive is to show up prepared. However, preparing for a job interview comes with its own special set of nerves. Most notably, excitement and fear. Excitement, because of the possible opportunity ahead of you and all […]

culture fit

Six Ways to Know if You’re a Good Culture Fit

Why is Work Culture Important? Often times at work, it’s not the tasks that impact our emotional well-being as much as it is the culture. You are at work for a significant part of your life, so isn’t it important to find a place with a vibe you feel good about?  Because “culture” often has […]

Why PP is over AA?

During the past year, we’ve began to use Pair Programming (PP) as part of our interview process. Having interviewed many candidates using this approach, I have begun to prefer this method to the traditional approach of asking and answering (AA) because: Traditional interviewing skill emphasize on asking behavioral questions. Since it is so, why not take […]

“Pair programming” for successful job interviews

From last year, the Global Delivery Center (GDC) at Perficient has been interviewing prospective intern developers using pair programming. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to interview many candidates during this time. I would like to share a series of interesting experiences with you in this article. What is a successful Job […]