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Iterative BI – Building with Gradle

We’ve chosen Gradle as our build system for our iterative BI environment.  It’s a powerful tool, but there’s a bunch of awesomeness in there. Gradle uses Groovy as its scripting language.  Groovy is just plain great.  You get the power of the Java platform in a scripting language and can do things like this: def […]

My BI Dream Team

I often am asked by clients to evaluate the configuration of a BI delivery team and point out any changes that seem prudent.  Usually this is pretty straightforward, but over the years there’s some not-so-obvious roles I’ve come across that would make the cut on my dream team. So, without duplicating the many, many “roles […]

Iterative BI – What’s the Difference?

Recently I was in a conversation where a PM declared “Agile’s just waterfall really fast – we can do that no problem!”  Uh oh. Like (most) everything, delivery methodologies are subject to fashion and trend, and Agile/Scrum/Kanban and the like are en vouge.  Collective, I’ll refer to these highly cyclic methodologies as “iterative” or (little […]

Plannning for Change – Data Modeling

As a data architect, iterative development scared the stuffing out of me at first.  I was accustomed to having the data model pretty well set up front and working hard to minimize or at least localize changes to the overall database structure.  Iterative development make change normal, so no more “holding the line!” Luckily, database […]