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Overcoming Challenges to Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain was 2017’s technology buzzword of the year, inspired by developments in cryptocurrencies and a desire for more secure transactions. Blockchain technology has the potential to transform enterprise business models through cost reduction and increased operational efficiency. Yet, there are challenges to adopting Blockchain, as it is a nascent technology. Some of these challenges include: […]

How to Win the Modern IT Game

Game 6 of the World Series is tonight, pitting the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Houston Astros. So far, the games have been exciting, with records being set around home runs hit, runs scored, and length of game. Many expect that the championship won’t be decided until the 7th game, and neither team has shown […]

Cleaning up IT Operations with IBM UrbanCode

Let’s face it, managing IT operations can sometimes be comparable to pulling teeth. Between managing existing technology assets and updating to new ones, CIOs can find themselves overwhelmed with the options before them. With new technology stacks like the cloud coming into play, stacks can be further complicated. This was the story of a leading […]