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Cloud Lingo in 2019: Cracking the Code

It’s an issue for people researching every type of technology: jargon. While businesses have widely embraced cloud, questions remain surrounding the specifics. Cloud can be daunting for any newcomers due to its range of words and phrases that you don’t see elsewhere. Here’s a look at some of these words and phrases and what they […]

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The Case for a Connected Business

Our partner Dell Boomi recently released a report concerning the case for a connected business. In the report, they polled a number of IT professionals regarding the impact of integration on their business. Some of the answers included: 89% of organizations suffer drawbacks from poor integration 59% of integration professionals say poor integration is their […]

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Case Study: Quenching the Thirst of Customer Data

For the modern consumer, having a cold soda with a burger and fries no longer ends at the conclusion of the meal. In reality, the customer experience is just beginning, since the most frenzied of fans can now connect with one another through mobile applications, social media, fan experiences, and more. With customers desiring more […]

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4 Characteristics of Leading iPaaS Platforms

Technology integration and migration are complicated no matter what kind of organization you are. In the process of implementation, leaders need to understand the key aspects of whichever platform they choose, in addition to its usefulness for any business use case. For those looking to adopt iPaaS, understanding the market is also important, especially since […]

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[DOWNLOAD]: 3 Ways to Jumpstart Your iPaaS Program

Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) initiatives are top of mind for IT executives looking to extend the value of existing on-premises applications by leveraging new cloud, mobile, and data applications, while also discovering new ways to engage with customers. However, IT leaders must consider implementation best practices in order to reap the benefits. We understand the integration […]

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Dell Boomi Aids Process Improvement for Healthcare Firm

Process inefficiencies are a regular part of healthcare, brought on by changing systems, needs, and electronic health record (EHR) requirements. Additionally, the need for clean data, platform, and integration also have led to the rise of new solutions on the market. This was the challenge of a leading EHR firm, which was looking to part […]

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Leading Construction Firm Improves Customer Experience with Dell Boomi

Legacy organizations often have the challenge of integrating systems that they’ve bought into over the years. This was the challenge of a leading construction firm who had a variety of SaaS and on-premises technologies including customer relationship management (CRM) systems and sales platforms. The organization called upon Perficient’s expertise in Dell Boomi, an Integration Platform-as-a-Service […]

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Perficient Wins Dell Boomi New Partner of the Year Award

We’re proud to announce that Perficient is the winner of the Dell Boomi New Partner of the Year Award this week at Boomi World in San Francisco, taking place September 20-22. Dell Boomi is a leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build connected businesses. The New Partner of the Year Award recognizes […]

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3 iPaaS Considerations for Your IT Ecosystem

Even with a flurry of new technologies attracting technology investment, there is still value in legacy applications, particularly in the realm of security and data. Integration has even made its way into the mainstream, attracting interest from research firm Forrester, dubbed as Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Forrester defines iPaaS as: A suite of […]

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[Webinar] How to Assess Platform Gaps Impeding Digital Transformation

Often, when talking about digital transformation, organizations solely focus on front-end customer experience. While digital experience is an essential – and primary – component of digital transformation, the underlying systems and processes that support and enable customer experience are a vital and often overlooked key to long-term success. According to Forrester, 2017 is the year […]

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What Does the Appian-MuleSoft Partnership Mean for You?

Two of our technology partners, Appian and MuleSoft, recently announced a partnership to improve integration for digital transformation. Appian is a low-code BPM platform to build apps and simplify workflows. MuleSoft‘s Anypoint Platform integrates apps, data, and devices with API-led connectivity. Together, these two vendors help simplify integration and accelerate digital transformation with the combined functionality of […]

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iPaaS – MuleSoft for ESB and API Integration

  Organizations today have their structures in place: customer data, historical records in data warehouses and well-built OLAP solutions. Either they have all of the implementations to expose that data as useful information or are working to set up an infrastructure to do so. However, they still find the process of integrating their information into one […]

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Elasticity and Disaster Recovery Using Cloud Computing

  For any organization to run and grow either organically or even seamlessly merge/ acquire with another entity and continue promoting growth, digital transformation plays a vital role. Regardless of the industry, to reach your customer base with maximum potential, you need to have the digital means that can be personalized based on individual customers, geographical […]

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Looking to Implement Software Solutions? Look at Cloud Computing..

  With the rising trend to move the infrastructure into the cloud, more enterprises are looking forward to building or migrating their IT hub into the cloud space. There are several obvious advantages of cloud computing that explain its wide-spread popularity: 1. Cost of infrastructure– Having to build an entire network for data storage, processing units, clustered-network […]

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Considerations for Integration Strategies

This year, organizations will manage more data than ever, especially as they expand how they engage with customers. However, the lack of an appropriate strategy will hamper these efforts, causing harm to organizational efficiency, agility, and customer care. As we have discussed on this blog in the past, one way to address these challenges is […]

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ERPs and the Coming Cloud Revolution

While most technologies continue to evolve, one thing that CIOs can always rely on is the trusty Enterprise Resource Planning system. Made famous through companies like Oracle and SAP, these systems are the glue that bind enterprise planning, purchasing, sales, finance, and human resources operations. For enterprise IT, much of their workload is concentrated here. […]

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Creating Connected Health Experiences with Dell Boomi

Healthcare organizations are always looking to innovate for the future, especially with many baby boomers hitting retirement age in the next couple of years. Having an integrated customer experience that enables healthcare consumers to be connected and informed about their care is absolutely critical, while leaders must be cognizant to link up legacy technologies with […]

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WEBINAR: Navigate the Future of Cloud with iPaaS and More

As more cloud services enter the IT ecosystem, organizations are evolving in their strategies. For example: Using the hybrid cloud to ease the transition from on-premises infrastructure to a combination of cloud and on-premise. Deploying multi-cloud strategies that involve the use of multiple public cloud solutions. Looking to cognitive solutions that enable better business decision-making. […]

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3 Ways Healthcare and iPaaS Can Work Together

Here at Perficient we do extensive work with clients around the healthcare sector, from implementing cloud solutions to improving business process management. It’s expected as hospitals begin to handle an aging population that demands greater access to care and information. You can even read some of the guides that my colleague Kate Tuttle has written […]

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Considerations for Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Organizations are faced with the continuous challenges of creating and connecting experiences for customers, especially with the recent explosion of software, social, and customer-facing solutions supported by the cloud. With each additional connection point, the cost to connect only increases while the speed slows down, leading to customer anger, lost revenue, and business inefficiencies. Our […]

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