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A Compliant Do-Over For Regulated IT Systems

You know how you implemented that regulated IT system a few years ago, and it was all shiny and new, and then it went through a bunch of change controls and the validation documentation got kind of unwieldy, and now you’re kinda wishing you could start over with a clean slate, but without losing the […]

Siebel IP17: Load Balancing Application Interface (AI) Servers

The release of Siebel Innovation Pack 2017 (IP 17.0) is set to revolutionize how our customers configure, manage and deploy the Siebel CRM application. At the same time, it will provide a modern developer experience that will enable parallel, collaborative and distributed team development. Siebel IP 17.0 delivers many new features. Highlights include: Revolutionary changes […]

Is Siebel CRM Dying?

Toys“R”Us filed for bankruptcy recently in the wake of big online stores like Amazon stealing their business. It is not just Toys“R”Us. Many other brick-and-mortar stores are closing because of mega-online stores. This trend can also be found in the in the CRM software market. Per Gartner, statistics show one leader emerging above all: Salesforce. […]

[Webinar] Upgrading Siebel Clinical To IP2016 & Preview Of IP2017

Because Siebel Innovation Pack (IP) 2016 was such a significant departure from previous Siebel versions, our clinical operations team devoted much of last year to beta testing it, helping Oracle identify and iron out the kinks. Now that we have finished our assessment of the risks and rewards of upgrading Siebel Clinical to IP2016, we […]

New Patch & Update For Siebel IP2016…And A Few Words On IP2017

While we are waiting with bated breath for Siebel Innovation Pack 2017 (IP2017), Oracle managed to sneak in a patch release for IP2016. Here is how you can find version 16.10 on the “My Oracle Support” site: Side Note: I attended an IP2017 dog-and-pony show last week and saw a lot of goodies for everyone. […]