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Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) Strengths And Struggles

At any given time, a principal investigator (PI) can be working on one or more studies for a single sponsor company, or multiple studies for multiple sponsors. Likewise, each sponsor runs its clinical trials its own way, using its preferred technology and processes. And, often times, the technology and/or processes differ from study to study, […]

My Colleagues Just Solved A Clin Ops Business Problem With…What?

With Appian. Yes, Appian. “I have no idea what that is…” Yes, I can read your mind. Okay, okay, I’m not actually clairvoyant. But I do have a pretty good sense of the industry, and I know that Appian hasn’t become a household name, yet. But, the times they are a-changin’. Appian is a business […]

This Is Bad News For Sponsors And CROs

  In a recent post, I wrote how not giving principal investigators (PIs) the right systems (i.e., investigator portals) can lead to frustration, causing them to eventually withdraw from studies. Apparently, times are still rough for PIs and investigator sites. According to a new Tufts CSDD Impact Report and Wall Street Journal article, while the […]

Wait, You’re Not Using an Investigator Portal?

To drive a car, you need to have a driver. Well, unless you’re Google. Or Tesla, for that matter. The same goes for clinical trials: you can’t conduct clinical trials without investigators. While the comparison may be a stretch, it’s fairly easy to understand the key role investigators play in clinical trials. So, why are […]