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IBM SPSS Statistics Syntax & Macro Development

The SPSS Syntax Editor (by default, the name of the new syntax window is SPSS Statistics Syntax Editor). Is divided into 4 areas (or “panes”):   Editor Pane The editor pane is the main part of the syntax editor and it is here where you perform your scripting. Gutter Pane The gutter pane is adjacent […]

IBM SPSS and Frequencies Command

The Frequencies command is one of the simplest yet one of the most useful descriptive techniques.  Its objective is to simply sum the number of instances within a particular category. For example, the following questions could be easily answered: How many males and females make up my data pond? What are the number of ethnic […]

Basic Data Analysis and IBM SPSS

    The basic steps in data analysis might be simplified into (1) Identifying data, (2) Selecting an analysis and summarization method and (3) Presenting the results. Over the next couple of weeks I will look at using IBM SPSS version 20 to accomplish these tasks. Today, I want to focus on loading a data […]