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Oil & Gas Companies with Ethical Operations Outperform Peers

A recent Financial Times article highlighted a report which found that oil and gas companies with more ethical operations are more profitable and valued than their competitors. According to the report, “For oil and gas companies, the valuation premium was almost a fifth for those that combat corruption, have better health and safety processes or […]

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Driving Operational Efficiency in Telecom and Cable

At the end of the day, a streamlined business can witness tremendous cost and time savings, not to mention deliver better experiences for customers and employees. Most, if not all, leaders in the communications space have ongoing initiatives for optimizing their business, whether it’s the implementation of sophisticated software and technology, or process reengineering to […]

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What’s New with IBM Maximo & Have You Upgraded Yet?

I’m sure the social world is exploding with “upgrade now” messages and for reasonably good reason. The end of support for IBM Maximo versions 7.5 and earlier is April 2018. You can click here for details and additional links from last year when IBM first announced the end of support. Last I spoke with IBM […]

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You’re Planning to Adopt IoT, But What Mobile Device Do You Use?

In today’s constantly changing and mobile world, the only constant is change, right… Within all these changes comes some cool new stuff. Well, IBM and Samsung have put together something very neat that many Maximo clients have asked me about.  “What device should I use to go mobile?,” they ask. Well, the answer may just […]

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Collaboration Helps Advance Energy Industry

Energy companies continue to collaborate with other organizations to further research. For example, Shell recently opened a mobility research center at Tsinghua University in China. According to a company press release, “This new centre will focus on developing solutions for the automotive sector, including the development of high-efficiency lubricants and additives; cleaner use of conventional […]

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Innovation Steams Ahead in the Energy Industry

Over the years, the industry has found better ways to drill for oil. That’s very important because the world consumes approximately 97 million barrels of oil per day. Of that amount, the U.S. uses 19 million. However, since the U.S. produces 12 million barrels, it net imports. The market is roughly balanced in terms of […]

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Oil & Gas Remain Incredibly Important

During an interview last year, David M. Rubenstein, president of The Economic Club of Washington D.C., and John S. Watson, chairman of the board and CEO (retiring February 1, 2018) of Chevron, discussed the antipathy that exists toward oil and gas companies. It’s true. Consumers typically do not tout their excitement about oil and gas […]

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IBM Maximo Work Centers – Quick Demonstration

Spreading the news to the larger audience to include the rest of y’all that weren’t able / didn’t attend the IMUG last year. We started with a brief presentation of the new Work Centers capabilities (Work & Inspections) and now would like to include the latest update. IBM improved the capabilities in the new release […]

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Why Don’t Drivers Care about Their Vehicles / Trucks?

Hopefully this doesn’t apply to anyone and pardon my assumption. While on a conference call this morning, I happened to look out the window and watch something that’s proven not very shocking. A delivery vehicle, not FedEx, not UPS, but another large carrier just did a three point turn in front of the window; except […]

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IoT Shaking Up the Automotive Industry: 5 Real-World Examples

Futuristic cars portrayed in movies and TV shows years ago had some thinking our cars would fly instead of drive by 2017. Over the past few years, the evolution of connected cars has married consumer technology with our primary mode of transportation. And just on the horizon are cars that will be self-driving. Vehicles rolling […]

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What I’m Looking Forward to at IMC Today

Today is another great day at IMC 2017. Action-packed RAP sessions throughout the morning and additional subjects in the afternoon. I’ll mention a couple examples and then we hope you’re able to stop by our booth #406 to say “hello.” Yes, the vendor booths are open today with lots of things to learn about and […]

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Join Us at IMC 2017 to Talk Asset Management and IoT

For those who may have partaken in the charity golf this morning before the 32nd annual International Maintenance Conference (IMC), I hope you had a great time and shot well. Then again, I believe it’s more about the networking and charity support than beating your “buddy,” right? Or was it… IMC opens to day at 5pm for […]

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IMC 2017 – we’re here, are you? Lots of great sessions!

This week is that time of year again for the 32nd annual International Maintenance Conference (IMC) where practitioners, other experts and your peers are here talking and sharing reliability and maintenance stories. Not to imply your peers aren’t experts; depending on how you read that first sentence. This isn’t just about CMMS systems like Maximo, […]

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Are you ready for an updgrade? Just released, Maximo…

Before we get into the rest of the details, the good thing is this is not a major release; rather, a feature pack to fix bugs and introduce other enhancements. The exception to the major release would be if you’re still running version 7.5 or earlier, then it’s a bit more work to upgrade, but […]

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Explosion of IoT in Consumer Electronics: 6 Real-World Examples

Remember when FitBit was the hot holiday product flying off the shelves? And though I’m embarrassed to admit this, I had never heard of “Alexa” two years ago when it was among the choices for a holiday gift raffle at a previous company. In three short years, consumer electronics manufacturers have embraced IoT with gusto. […]

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Advancing Agriculture with IoT: 4 Real-World Examples

With the world’s population on the rise, food production and farming will be more important than ever. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, “the world will need to produce 70% more food in 2050 than it did in 2006.”1 Meeting this anticipated demand will require farmers and agricultural companies to push the technological […]

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IBM Maximo Customer & Business Partner Development Panels

So this just happened: A few weeks ago, Perficient was asked to present at the Indianapolis Maximo Users Group (IMUG) and found an intriguing subject regarding the newly released Work Center and Inspection capabilities in Maximo. These are new and evolving capabilities and designed to make things even easier for workers and managers alike. The […]

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Enhancing Energy and Utilities with IoT: 6 Real-World Examples

In a few short years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has gone from technology hype to reality. IoT is “disrupting businesses, governments, and consumers and transforming how they interact with the world.” 1 Adoption rates for IoT are accelerating – reaching nearly 43% of enterprises worldwide.2 However, the IoT applications we see today are only […]

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Another Top 10 Reasons to Attend IMC 2017, and a Bonus…

This year is the 32nd International Maintenance Conference (IMC) where you can experience a wealth of knowledge from practice leaders and industry experts. Here are 11, or perhaps 12, reasons you should make the trip to Florida in December. It’s December 11-15, 2017, and the weather should be much nicer than the image in this […]

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Internet of Things (IoT) thought provoking questions…

Last quarter I wrote about some of the devices we’re installing in our home and how some of those might be used in an industrial environment too. Click here if you want to read my previous blog and this quick read hopefully gets you thinking further about how you too can get started… Let’s talk […]

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