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Installation Errors While Setting Up Sitecore 10.x Instance with Docker

As a Sitecore developer, you might have faced some errors while working with Sitecore, especially during the setup/installation process. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the errors I encountered during the Sitecore getting started template setup through docker on my local machine. “Docker Desktop – WSL kernel version too low” This is […]


Still Working with Sitecore Without Docker? Check Sifon, your New Multitool in a Sitecore Toolbelt

Hey Sitecore professionals, if you have not heard about Sifon for Sitecore – you must definitely check this out. I spent a lot of time building and testing it and can say Sifon is a definite Swiss army knife for local Sitecore development in the right arms, so you’d really like to learn why. Installing […]

5 Easy Steps for MSMQ Installation

The need for mature technology is drastically increasing, placing more emphasis on creating architecture that is modern, reliable, and scalable for not only individual technologies but also how they interact with each other. Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) is one of the simplest and advanced methods that help your business’ technologies interact and connect with each […]

Upgrade Steps For Siebel Clinical 16.9 With Troubleshooting Tips

As a technical resource at Perficient, many of the projects I work on relate to Siebel CTMS upgrades. Usually, our customers who are running Siebel CTMS, or earlier versions are interested in upgrading to the latest version. As of today, the most recent version is 16.9. At a high level, Siebel CTMS upgrade projects […]

How To Find And Install The Latest Patchset For Siebel IP2016

Oracle recently announced the general availability of the latest patchset for Siebel Innovation Pack 2016 (IP2016). Patchset 16.9 can be found on Oracle Support, although it is a little tricky to locate. Use these search terms to find it: For Windows, you would select this file: This takes you to the download window and the […]

Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2 Installation & Configuration

At the end of this month, I’ll be teaching the Planning 11.1.2 Install and Configuration Oracle University course in the near future. In this course, you learn about the processes involved in installing, configuring, testing, and maintaining Planning. You learn about the layers in the Enterprise Performance Management System infrastructure. Discussions include planning the installation, […]

How to Install Coveo for Sitecore

How to Install Coveo for Sitecore I feel like I can follow directions well. But I just can’t seem to make it through the instructions provided by Coveo for installing in Sitecore. So here are my notes for installing Coveo into an existing Sitecore instance. Step 1: Download Coveo for Sitecore Always make sure to […]

Oracle Hyperion Installation and Configuration Class

In spite of the push by vendors to move to cloud based applications, many organizations are still installing software in their own data centers. Oracle University offers a couple great classes on the Oracle Hyperion infrastructure, specifically for installation and configuration of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Hyperion Planning.  Both of these classes provide […]

SharePoint 2013: Revisiting Automated SharePoint Installs

A while back, I blogged about both the driving factors and a recommended process for automated installation of SharePoint 2010 (see Automating Sharepoint 2010 Installs). As more and more of our clients are deploying SharePoint 2013, I’ve had a chance to revisit and revise the process for SharePoint 2013. The good news for those of […]

OBIEE Project Log, Part 1: Operating Systems

Welcome to my Oracle BI Project Log series. This will be an open ended series related to decisions made and lessons learned in a live Perficient project. I will be focusing on the technology questions which should be generic to any OBIEE implementation. Which Operating System Should We Use? If a client has a […]