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Episerver Acquires Insite Software

On Monday, December 16, 2019, Insite Software was acquired by Episerver. This acquisition provides significant opportunities for both organizations. Episerver is known for its digital experience, personalization, and marketing automation capabilities. However, Episerver’s digital commerce product has been listed just outside the leaders in the eyes of analysts and the market. Episerver also has limited […]

A Recipe for an Exceptional Customer Experience

Marketers are now in the business of selling experiences – not products – and the numbers that support this statement do not lie. According to a survey of more than 7,000 marketers worldwide, two of the top three digital priorities for 2016 include targeting/personalization and content optimization. Creating and delivering an exceptional customer experience is […]

Satisfy Online Customers as the eCommerce Landscape Evolves

In the span of two decades, eCommerce has transformed our daily lives. While many initially rejected the idea of online shopping in exchange for an in-store experience, this is now the place where customers go first. Because of this change in buyer behavior, eCommerce sites are now a necessity for businesses. However, building and managing […]

A Better eCommerce Experience – Insite for Sitecore

A few months ago our VP of Sales posted an article, “But I Want Commerce and Content Management!” The post talked about the need and growing availability of combined commerce and content management solutions. Recently, two of our technology platform partners, Insite Software and Sitecore, have formed a strategic alliance to bring an even better […]