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Capturing Informed Consent With Digital Technology

One key area in clinical trials that could benefit from connected health digital solutions is capturing informed consent. Traditionally, patients have signed informed consent forms that are very text-heavy, yet they don’t really understand the rights, responsibilities, risks, and benefits of the study. Explaining the complex details of a trial can add a significant amount […]

[Next Week] Incorporating Digital Tech Into Clinical Trials

Innovative mobile technologies are continuously being introduced, and savvy life sciences organizations are taking note. Many of these technologies have the potential to drastically reduce the time and cost of clinical trials, from subject recruitment to data collection, not to mention likely create a boost in patient engagement. Examples of using digital technologies in clinical […]

Using Skype For Informed Consent In Clinical Trials?

  Getting informed consent from patients is one of the most critical aspects of a clinical trial. The objective is simple: provide patients with information about the study plan (doctor visits, tests, etc.) and risks/benefits, make sure they understand the information, and get their (legally effective) consent to participate. The faster this is done, the […]