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How to Embed a PowerApp into SharePoint

11/27/17 UPDATE: The PowerApps team has finally rolled out the ability to update a lists default form with PowerApps. Though this post focuses on embedding in general, check out the walk through I did on how to customize the list form here Since PowerApps has gone into General Availability six months ago, I’ve been patiently waiting to hear […]

Tales from a SharePoint 2010 Migration to 2013

I am sure we all have our stories highlighting our experiences upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to 2013.  I have some lessons learned that might be helpful to note when upgrading to SharePoint 2013 and reorganizing the site structure. First, here is the scenario: We were upgrading a fairly large (approx 150GB) single content database farm […]

SharePoint 2013 – Is Access 2013 the New InfoPath?

If you were at the SharePoint conference this year in Las Vegas, you probably saw the InfoPath Funeral procession through the vendor pavilion.  If not here is a clip:   We have known for quite some time Microsoft isn’t putting a large effort into InfoPath and in fact “… InfoPath 2013 is the last release […]

SharePoint Forms – Living Without InfoPath

On Jan. 31, 2014, Microsoft announced the end of InfoPath Forms. This is not totally unexpected as InfoPath is an older technology that relied on programming methodologies long antiquated in a client side, HTML 5, mobile world. Since the announcement, the community has been waiting for more information from Microsoft. Some information was relayed at SPC, but nothing […]

InfoPath and SharePoint 2013 – Upgrading your forms…

Author: Suzanne George, Senior Technical Architect, Perficient If you are looking to upgrade your SharePoint 2010 site to SharePoint 2013, you may be wondering how to deal with your existing InfoPath developed forms.  After much Bing searching, there just isn’t a lot out there to help you — even from Microsoft.  Recently, I was given […]

Programmatically Setting the Value of a SharePoint Choice Column

I was recently working on some code that added items to a SharePoint list based on a user’s input from an InfoPath form. It was an easy task until I got to a choice column. I wasn’t sure of the syntax for setting the value of a choice column, and for some reason, all of […]

Advanced SharePoint 2010 InfoPath Development

  Author: Suzanne George, Senior Technical Architect, Perficient. This week I presented at the Houston SharePoint Users Group on Advanced InfoPath Development and although the dance-off between Richard Calderon and I was, well, memorable — and not necessarily in a good way LOL(!),  I hope everyone had a great time and great food thanks to […]

InfoPath: Schema Validation Found Non-Data Type Errors

We’ve all been there: you’re putting the finishing touches on a solution when suddenly, something breaks. You barely changed anything, but your previously functional code is now giving you a nondescript error that has half a dozen potential underlying causes. I recently encountered just such a headache while building an InfoPath form. Once the form […]

InfoPath Forms Services 2010 (Part 2): What’s the Same

This is the second post in a series exploring InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint 2010. See Part 1: The InfoPath Clients. Additional posts will be published in the coming weeks. What’s the Same Before diving too deep into the new features of InfoPath Forms Services, I’d like to highlight a few things that are the […]

InfoPath Forms Services 2010 (Part 1): The InfoPath Clients

There are a number of substantial improvements introduced within SharePoint 2010’s “InfoPath Forms Services” feature set. Now consolidated under the “Composites” pillar of SharePoint, Forms Services make it easier than ever to build and deploy rich forms to your clients.   In the coming weeks, I’m going to outline some of the more interesting changes […]