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Celebrating Chile’s Independence Day: A Taste of Tradition and Patriotism

Chile Independence Day, also known as “Fiestas Patrias,” is a cherished national holiday that captures the heart and soul of Chilean culture. On the 18th of September each year, Chileans come together to commemorate their country’s declaration of independence from Spanish rule in 1810. How does Chile celebrate Independence Day? This lively celebration is a […]


Celebrating India Independence Day at our workplace

As India gears up to celebrate its 76th Independence Day on August 15, 2023, our workplace in Bangalore, India was filled with excitement and pride. This year’s celebration holds special significance as it coincides with an engaging Townhall Meeting and a visit of India leadership team. Colleagues came together in unity with tricolor dress codes, […]

5 Mindsets for IT Independence

Over the years, the implementation, application, and best practices of information technology have seen a gradual evolution. What started with local systems, iterative innovation, and analog systems has evolved into a world that’s always-on and ready to change at any given moment. Organizations who recognize this shift tend to stand the test of time and […]