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Local HTTPS for Optimizely, IIS, and Kestrel using certificates (Pt 2)

In part 1 of this two-part blog series on securing your local development with HTTPS and Self-Signed Certificates, I described how to create a local self-signed certificate. In this part, I’ll explain how to use that certificate to safeguard your development environment and make it even more similar to QA & Production. Bind the certificate […]

How To Streamline Investigator-Initiated Trial (IIT) Proposals

Imagine with me: One of your experienced investigators comes up with a brilliant idea for an off-label use of one of your medications. He logs in and navigates to your online IIT proposal form, which only he and other experienced investigators can see. He begins completing the form online using interactive prompts, and uploads supporting […]

Sitecore, URL Rewrites, and the “Failed” JS Dialog

Recently for our new public website, we encountered a bit of an issue with the Sitecore back-end that didn’t really have a descriptive error. In fact, there were a number of symptoms that were a bit unexplained but the most frequently encountered one was this “Failed” JavaScript dialog that would come up when expanding something […]

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An unhandled Microsoft .Net Framework exception occurred in w3wp.exe

“Unhandled exception” is not something that makes people happy. If this exception suddenly appears and crashes your beautiful Sitecore site, first you probably feel surprise, then fear and finally panic. If you are reading this article, I assume you are done with the first part and now want to know how to fix it.

Azure: Did you know? Application Proxy for Web Applications

Have you ever needed to publish an internal web application for use outside of your corporate firewall?  If you have, you’re probably aware of many of the complications that come up while exploring that option including what ports need to be exposed, to DMZ or not to DMZ, various authentication challenges, etc.  Well, now you can with […]

Prevent IIS from Terminating Your Debugging Session

One of the most irritating things that can happen while you’re debugging is this message: When you sit at any one breakpoint for too long (longer than the ping maximum response time), this error will appear and terminate your session. If you’re anything like me and my fellow team members, you’ll blindly click “OK” and […]