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Thank You IFTTT for Making Our Lives Easier

I am enamored with IFTTT (pronounced as IFT).  IFTTT is like that parent or spouse that does things for you.  If you are sitting on the couch, you can call out, “Can you turn the lights off?” and that person will do it for you.  You want a sandwich?  “Honey can you get me sandwich?” […]

Openera Dashboard

Is Openera the Solution to our Email Attachment Problems?

Erin Moloney (@ErinE) put me onto this techcrunch article about Openera.  In a nutshell, Openera hooks up to a wide range of email accounts like gmail, Exchange, and any IMAP standard server to automate taking your attachments in email and putting them in Google Apps, iCloud, Box, Dropbox, etc.  What’s cool about that you say? […]