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Considering an Azure Active Directory Hybrid Identity Solution?

Identity solutions can be complicated, especially with the rising popularity of consumer-based devices and cloud SaaS applications in the corporate space. Microsoft recognizes this, and to help, they’ve put together the Hybrid Identity Design Considerations Guide. According to Microsoft, “[This guide] will help you to understand how to design a hybrid identity solution that best […]

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Identity Management in Office 365

Identity and authentication management is the most crucial component of any migration to Office 365. Office 365 uses the cloud-based user authentication service Azure Active Directory to manage users and offers three identity models: cloud-only, synchronized, and federated. It is important to carefully consider which identity model to use, as well as the cost and […]

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Office 365 – Why You Need to Understand ImmutableID

As part of planning for your identity with Office 365, it’s important to understand the concept of the “ImmutableID”. By definition, “immutable” means “unable to be changed” which should be sufficient warning that this is something you need to take time to plan properly. In spite of your planning, your organization could become involved in […]

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Planning for Externalizing Authentication in SharePoint 2010: Part 1 – Introduction

Since the beginning of 2011, I’ve had the good fortune of being involved with several projects involving the claims authentication capabilities introduced in SharePoint 2010. The scope of these efforts have ranged from small proof-of-concept demonstrations to large Internet and Intranet production deployments. Some involved custom built Security Token Services (STS) and others relied on […]

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UPDATED: Adding an OpenID Claims Provider for AD FS 2.0 to Extend Access to SharePoint 2010

NOTE: This blog is based on a post originally written in January of 2010 when both SharePoint 2010 and AD FS 2.0 were in Release Candidate stage. The version you are reading here has been updated it to correct some important omissions related to the RTW bits. ======================================================== In my previous post, I demonstrated how […]

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Sliding Sessions with SharePoint 2010 and Claims

Back in June 2010, Vittorio Bertocci posted a method to implement sliding sessions with Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) on his blog. While the article addresses ASP.NET applications configured to use WIF, Vittorio mentions that SharePoint 2010 implements sliding sessions for Forms authentication more or less out-of-the-box. Sadly this is not the case for situations where […]

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Sign into SharePoint 2010 with Facebook using a custom STS

In an earlier post, I demonstrated how you can use Windows Azure ACS v2 as a Trusted Identity Provider to SharePoint 2010. One of the interesting options that ACS v2 provides is sign-in using Facebook. Using social media as a means to provide single sign on with SharePoint has always been an interest of mine […]

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SharePoint and Identity Management – Part 2 of 3

So last week we briefly touched on the characteristics of a good IdM solution or at least an environment that was IdM hygienic.  Some of those characteristics included the following: View, create, modify, and delete users Change passwords Add or delete a user in a security group Approve or reject requests Delegate all permissions This […]

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PowerPoint Slides for SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities

I just uploaded my deck for the presentation I’ll be giving tomorrow, October 2 on Claims Authentication. Download here: SPS Twin Cities – Claims The deck is around 50 MB in size due to the demo videos embedded within. Since I’m presenting live, they’re without sound. I plan on re-recording them with sound later this […]

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OpenSSO is not dead

Sun supported the open source Identity and Access Management (IAM) product called OpenSSO. It was free, easy to install, and had support through Sun.  Once Oracle completed the acquisition, they announced it was pretty much a dead product.  It didn’t take long for OpenSSO to fork the code stream and become OpenAM (Access Management).  You […]

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SharePoint 2010 Identity Delegation Part 1: Claims Aware Web Services

Most of my previous posts involve configuring Claims Mode authentication in SharePoint 2010 and using federated Identity Providers (IP) to authenticate users. I also recently demonstrated how roles can be defined internally and assigned to user identities via ADFS 2.0 through token augmentation. These roles can in turn be used for access control to resources […]

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Adding an OpenID Claims Provider for AD FS 2.0 to Extend Access to SharePoint 2010

NOTE: THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN FOR RELEASE CANDIDATE SOFTWARE. PLEASE REFER TO THE FOLLOWING POST FOR UPDATED CONTENT: In my previous post, I demonstrated how to enable a SharePoint 2010 web application for claims authentication. As a result, it could be seen that all relevant windows account information (account SID, logon name, group […]

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How To Add ADFS 2.0 as a Federated Identity Provider in SharePoint 2010

NOTE: THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN FOR RELEASE CANDIDATE SOFTWARE. PLEASE REFER TO THE FOLLOWING POST FOR UPDATED CONTENT: One of the most intriguing of the many new features that SharePoint 2010 brings to the table is a completely new mechanism handle user identity. This mechanism is based on the Windows Identity Foundation (formerly […]

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How To Create a Claims Viewer Web Part for SharePoint 2010

For the past month or so I’ve been giving Windows Identity Foundation a very close look, especially where it relates to SharePoint 2010. I’ll be posting a series of blogs on this subject and I thought it might be useful to start off with a quick introduction on how to access the claims from which […]

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