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Empower Employee Ideas with Communities

Employees are the people who interact with their brands daily. Doesn’t it make sense they would have some of the best ideas? Let Your Employees’ Voices Be Heard Online community platforms, intranets, and other social engagement tools offer a unique way for your workforce to collaborate. But why not also leverage the power of your […]

Leverage Salesforce Ideas in Your Community

One of the greatest features you can offer your customer or partner base as a product-driven company is an idea engine. It allows those who use your product regularly to offer suggestions on how to improve it, features to add, or what new products to create. Giving the power to your customers to help make […]

3 Communities Sessions to Add to Your Dreamforce Agenda Builder

With more than 1,600+ sessions, 400+ theaters, 100+ hours of hands-on training, and 75 Circles of Success, it’s inevitable that you have a laundry list of sessions to attend at this point. Not to mention, evenings fill up quick with all the fun stuff going on in San Francisco that week. From catching U2 perform at Dreamfest to RSVP’ing for […]