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The Importance of Inventory Transparency in Building Customer Confidence

Perficient and Reuters Events recently hosted a virtual roundtable about how inventory transparency boosts consumer confidence. Industry experts Karie Daudt and Justin Racine, Directors of Commerce Strategy at Perficient, facilitated the discussion which featured eleven panelists from different enterprise brands including Lowe’s, Staples, Uber, and Fastenal. Each panelist discussed how their organization is using inventory […]

How to Encrypt Passwords in IBM Sterling OMS

Data security is the first and foremost requirement of all retail implementations. Once you have installed Sterling OMS, all sensitive data like database passwords is stored as clear text in application property files. Since encryption of property data in Sterling OMS is not provided as a default feature, the decisions about what type of data must […]

How to Choose the Perfect Roll-out Strategy for the New Order Management Solution

Implementing new order management system is always exciting for any company regardless of its size. Even after implementing one of the most mature systems, roll-out strategy can be very challenging because of the number of systems it interacts with. Though there is no clear answer because each organization has different business objectives, timelines and budget, […]