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5 Digital Experience Fears to Overcome this Halloween

In the age of customer obsession, nothing is worse than a bad customer experience gone viral. Whether it’s a package arriving late, rude service people, or ignored product defections, headline-hungry newsrooms and vigilant everyday individuals pick up experiences quickly and won’t hold back in their stinging criticisms. Thankfully, there are paths around these fears. In […]

3 Considerations for Ephemeral Buyer Journeys

Standing out in the digital experience of every buyer’s journey serves to create attention that creates conversation and further accelerates interest. In recent years, we’ve seen the introduction of platforms that do just this, including Snapchat and Instagram Direct. Dubbed as ephemeral content, the experience created is temporary and powerful. According to social analytics firm […]

What’s New in IBM Digital Experience CF 14

IBM released Cumulative Fix (CF) 14 for WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager (WCM) in early July, 2017.  This fix will apply to either version 8.5 or 9.0.  IBM has moved to a continuous delivery model where they release cumulative fixes every few months to not only fix defects but also to deliver new capabilities.  […]

5 Mindsets for Digital Experience Independence

Over the years, customer experience has seen a gradual evolution, moving from static to dynamic experiences. What started as toll-free phone numbers, mail-in surveys, and customer insight groups has transformed into the world of social media, where anyone can share their opinion to a large audience. For some organizations, the emergence of new media has […]

4 Ways to Convert the Modern Customer

Conversion is the ultimate goal for any enterprise organization. After all, it’s what drives revenue and continuity in any industry. Depending on the industry however, conversion time can be anywhere from minutes to months. Converting any customer is hard work in the era of digital transformation, especially with the amount of noise and options available. […]

RECAP: Driving Employee Engagement with Video

Last week, we sat down with IBM on a webinar to discuss the emergence of video in the enterprise and the various use-cases for organizations looking to innovate how they communicate to their audiences. Broadcast on Ustream, Perficient Technical Director Glenn Kline and Chris Zaloumis of IBM Cloud Video walked through the IBM Cloud Video […]

How to Build an Engaging Customer Portal

These days in California, the rage is all about Poke, a fish salad composed of items including tuna, seaweed, and other seasonings. Everywhere you look there is a new restaurant opening up and regardless of location, there are long lines and satisfied customers out the door. The existence of this restaurant trend, similar to that […]

3 Enterprise Collaboration Considerations for 2017

The glut of content within the modern enterprise justifies the call for appropriate collaboration platforms from document management to social networking. Despite the need however, there are numerous solutions on the market and their fragmented nature leaves more than enough leaders scratching their heads wishing for an all-in-one platform. Unfortunately, the all-in-one platform may never […]

IBM Releases WebSphere Portal Version 9

IBM released version 9 of IBM Digital Experience including WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager on 12/22/2016.  This builds upon version 8.5 as CF 13.  There are two important benefits to version 9: WebSphere Application Server V9.0 support All version 9.0 offerings now can run on IBM WebSphere Application Server 9.0.  This gives customers the […]

IBM Digital Experience Named Leader by Gartner

If you’re looking for a comprehensive digital experience platform for 2017, look no further than IBM Digital Experience. As customers demand more out of their business experiences and IT faced with many solutions on the market, finding a solution that is both comprehensive and deep are rare. Luckily there are research firms like Gartner who […]

Maximizing Healthcare Intranets with IBM Digital Experience

More than ever, healthcare happens on the go. For subscribers, the experience means being able to gather information around health needs, keep in touch with health practitioners, and make appointments. Internally, the experience involves getting work done, collaborating, and ensure that a complex system can run smoothly and with as few errors as possible. This […]

Building Patient Portals with IBM Digital Experience

With summer right around the corner, many of us will find ourselves staying active outside deep into the summer evening. Whether we are swimming in a lake we’ve frequented since childhood or hitting baseballs at the park, the risk of injury is always something to make note of. For hospitals who must deal with those […]

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