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5 Key Impacts of the IBM Red Hat Acquisition

The monumental $34B IBM Red Hat acquisition officially closed earlier this month. In the wake of the acquisition, what does it mean for the technology market?  Over my career, I’ve worked extensively with customers leveraging both IBM and Red Hat technologies. Here’s my take on the five key impacts that this acquisition will have on […]

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5 Takeaways to Improve AI Adoption in 2019

Perficient’s Nico Frantzen, Senior Technical Architect for AI solutions, sat down with IBM’s cloud team for a podcast to discuss AI solutions and what you can do for successful AI adoption. Here are five takeaways that you can apply to your enterprise adoption in 2019. 1. You don’t need large amounts of data to start […]

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IBM Fills Gaps with Red Hat, Also Creates Internal Competition

Since the news broke about the Red Hat acquisition by IBM, there has been no shortage of articles analyzing the move, predicting its outcomes, and delivering judgments on the deal. But what about the perspective of the software developer, architect, or IT leader who has to make decisions about which capabilities to leverage from these, now […]

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IBM Acquires Red Hat, Gains a Competitive Edge

On Sunday, IBM announced its acquisition of Red Hat. Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source cloud software. The $34 billion deal is one of the largest acquisitions in the history of the U.S. tech industry. With this price tag comes a clear indication of the importance cloud services play in digital […]

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4 Essentials For Every Integration Strategy

As a recent homeowner, I’ve become more attuned to the complexities of the building I live in. After all, the buck now stops with me around repair challenges including piping, the water heater, and the look of the interior. One thing that stands out to me around home repairs is that everything is standardized and […]

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4 Ways Digital Transformation Works with the Cloud

In today’s digital economy, enterprises face disruption by innovative business models and new players in the established industries. With multi-channel experiences the norm, many consumers have little patience for organizations who drop the ball on their customer service and product initiatives. More so, with more options on the market than ever and the search engine […]

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Avoid These 4 Cloud Distractions that Hijack Your IT

For many organizations, cloud is the shiny object and rightly so. According to research firm Gartner, the cloud services market will grow 18% this year, outpacing numerous traditional IT solutions. As with every new and innovative IT solution on the market, there are distractions surrounding practical use and adjacent challenges. For example, marketers communicated the […]

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How Cloud and DevOps are Transforming Entertainment

This month, millions of Americans will flock to cavernous stadiums around the country to take part in the annual ritual of football games. Attracted by the sounds of bone-crushing hits and unmatched athletic feat, football has been in the American consciousness for the past half-century, bringing together everyone from Midwestern small towns to large metropolises. […]

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Crush Your Content Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

As a content marketer for Perficient, it’s my job to tell the story of technology and why new solutions on the market are important for enterprises. At the very core, my goal is to provide value as you embark on your journey to learning and understanding the market. While my employer could turn to a […]

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How to Decide On Your Cloud Strategy

With businesses generating more data than ever, the cloud is always a good fall back for storage and agility. Reducing operational costs and improving analytical power, there is little doubt that cloud computing is the way to go to optimize organizational business intelligence. As we’ve learned through the years however, just saying that you want […]

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IBM Cloud Identified as Visionary by Gartner

IBM’s transition to the cloud continues to pay dividends. Since acquiring Softlayer in 2013 and introducing Bluemix, customers have enjoyed a complement of cloud infrastructure solutions for their business needs. Additionally, the rise of cognitive solutions through IBM Watson has further bolstered cloud credibility, notably with the partnership that surfaced with tax preparer H&R Block […]

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Stretch Innovation with Cloud DevOps Insights

Having the appropriate data is a key need for every development cycle. Developers and leaders want to know that they are creating something innovative while avoiding any barriers such as compatibility issues. As DevOps increasingly encourages an accelerated development period, the ability to have as few errors as possible is helpful. Unfortunately, data analytics are […]

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3 Takeaways from InterConnect 2017’s Opening Keynote

InterConnect officially kicked off this morning with an opening keynote full of powerhouse companies like Twitter, American Airlines, IndieGoGo, and Delos. Throughout the many and varied speakers, a few key themes emerged: 1. The data explosion is an imminent crisis – one that IBM is tackling. Between the Internet of Things and the ever-increasing velocity of […]

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How to Succeed with a Multi-Cloud Strategy

While some organizations are still exploring the viability of a cloud strategy, others have moved to scale up on their deployments and create multi-cloud environments. The breadth of services, cost savings, business agility, and innovation opportunities drive technology leaders, which offer increased opportunities to compete in crowded markets. That said, moving to a multi-cloud model […]

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Making the Most of Your DevOps with Microservices

When smartphones went mainstream in the late stages of the previous decade, consumers saw the rise of the application. Unlike its cousin of the two decades prior, mobile and tablet applications offered ease of use and intuitive look and feel from a unified user experience. Whether end-users were socializing with friends on social networks, discovering […]

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IBM Making Bolder Moves in the Cloud

It is clear IBM is investing in the Cloud with over 11,000 people attending Pulse this year.  The conference has been a great venue for clients and business partners sharing their stories and plans for the future in the Cloud.  The week kicked off with another announcement of another smart acquisition of Cloudent.   IBM Buys […]

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