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Medical Global Networking And Healthcare Global Network Connection On Tablet, Medical Technology.

Understanding Interoperability Final Rules for Patients, Hospitals, and Clinicians

The patient is at the center of the 21st Century Cures Act. The interoperability provisions grant patients more power over their care and access to key information. Interoperability, a popular term in the healthcare industry, is the ability to exchange electronic health information seamlessly and securely without significant effort from the user. It allows for […]

California’s Incredible Life Sciences Numbers

  The California Life Sciences Association released a new report that proves the Golden State, once again, is at the top of its game when it comes to life sciences. 

Clinical Trials And Teddy Bears

  If you have children, you know what it like is to give them a shot or any other type of medication. You also know what’s it’s like to take them to the doctor and have a “stranger” give them a simple checkup, let alone convince them to comply with more intrusive requests. That’s why […]

When The System Fails To Keep Us Informed Of Adverse Events

  I just read “Failing To Report Severe Drug Side Effects: A National Embarrassment,” written by Forbes contributor Luke Timmerman. He talks about his recent personal experience with our health system and what he believes is poor adherence to the reporting of adverse events. Why should patients or their loved ones have to demand that […]

Personalized Medicine In A Nutshell (Or Shall I Say Capsule?)

I recently heard a segment on the radio about personalized medicine. Or “translational medicine.” Or “translational research.” Or “precision medicine.” Whatever you want to call it! Dr. Murray Feingold, a pediatrician and geneticist in the Boston area, painted a clear description of the term. He put it in words that all of us can understand. […]

Canada’s New “Vanessa’s Law” Contains New Adverse Event Reporting Requirements

On November 6, 2014, Canada passed Vanessa’s Law, a new piece of legislation designed to protect patients from unsafe drugs and medical devices. The law comes after many complaints from citizens that the country wasn’t doing enough to oversee the safety of products sold in the marketplace or the clinical trials being conducted in the […]

Big Data, Big Data, What Can You Help Hospitals See?

While big data is a catchy buzzword and many race to offer their own definition of it, many still struggle to understand what it really means and question its real value. According to a recent survey conducted by Talend, only 10% of respondents were engaged in a large scale big data implementation project, while 36% […]