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Tools for Uncovering the Value of Care

I recently wrote a blog post called The Value of Care: The Secret Sauce in which I talked about the importance of having transparency of data. Costing is an evolutionary process perhaps starting with one type of procedure, one clinic or one service line or perhaps starting with a hybrid of costing methodology.   The great […]

10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #4

TREND #4: GROW ENTERPRISE INTELLIGENCE TO MEASURE AND IMPROVE PATIENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH Most healthcare organizations are collecting more data than they know what to do with. Unfortunately, data is not helpful unless it can be transformed into timely and actionable insights that impact performance throughout the organization. Organizations that leverage enterprise intelligence have access […]

Healthy Revenue Healthy Future #ANI2015 #HFMA

  This is a phrase that caught my eye here at #ANI2015 on the showroom floor. I’m sure the intent was to discuss revenue cycle solutions but for me this phrase manifests in other ways. Namely “understanding true cost” and “providing transparent pricing”. Both are important topics that correlate to consumerism and to the “Healthy […]

Taming Healthcare Data #ANI2015 #HFMA

I read an article in CIO Magazine recently while doing research on big data in healthcare. The article discussed how to make use of the petabytes of patient data that healthcare organizations possess. No matter how we plan to use it, we have to extract it from legacy systems and build visualizations that can make […]

Rolling Forecasts in Healthcare Improve Accuracy

The assumption that rolling forecasts improve accuracy really tests the validity of our data in healthcare. Do we know enough about the metrics that are driving a useful driver-based forecast? The rolling forecast is usually a quarterly budget with a two to three year horizon that keeps a close eye on the organization’s trajectory. Typically […]

Leveraging Technology to Automate Healthcare Cost Management

I was pleased to see that Healthcare Cost Management was a hot topic in the healthcare agenda for the Oracle Industry Connect event this past week. The agenda was packed with experts from Providence Health & Services, Ascension Health System and Kaiser Permanente discussing how they are all leveraging technology for automating and evolving their […]

Leverage Clinical and Financial Data to Improve Patient Outcomes

Industry Connect brings together industry peers to share their expertise, insights and best practices about mission-critical applications that are central to their businesses. Perficient is sponsoring Industry Connect’s Life Sciences and Healthcare program during which Terie McClintock, Director of Healthcare at Perficient, will lead a roundtable on Thursday, March 26, at the Washington Hilton titled […]

Streamlining Data to Meet Healthcare Costing Challenges

Streamlining data to meet a multitude of challenges, from regulatory compliance and reimbursement management to delivering quality care to their patients across the care continuum is a constant priority within hospitals today. As an Oracle PartnerNetwork member, Perficient is among the initial partners participating in Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics delivering advanced […]

HIT Solutions for Population Health

I’m going to take a “improve / disseminate disease management and improve outcomes of the group” view of Population Health. The technology solutions that can be applied are vast. For the sake of this blog, I’d like to talk about these four: Analytics – The accumulation and aggregation of data needed to improve outcomes and […]

Squeezed Reimbursement. Eroding Margins. Smarter Consumers.

We have all witnessed the great impact healthcare reform has had on the healthcare industry. The landscape is changing so quickly it can be overwhelming for everyone involved. The new environment is more competitive and complex than ever and consumers are now in the driver’s seat. I say consumers because lets face it healthcare patients […]