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Using Technology to Cure Healthcare Business Ailments

A recent article in the WSJ displayed how improving the health of patients is tied to being able to see the big picture. It just so happens that to improve the health of an organization, there is also a need to see the big picture, which requires having access to data. Research has shown that […]

Data Profiling: The First Step in Data Quality

When I think of data quality, I think of three primary components: data profiling, data correction, and data monitoring. Data profiling is the act of analyzing your data contents. Data correction is the act of correcting your data content when it falls below your standards. And data monitoring is the ongoing act of establishing data […]

It’s Time to Get Real…

…Real-time analytics, that is. One of the challenges in healthcare today is the lag in time for the acquisition, storage, analysis and delivery of data back to the physician or other healthcare provider for decision-making. The majority of transactional information about a patient that is produced on reports or presented in terms of business intelligence […]

2011 Top #HITsm Contributor Awards

Just in time for the season of celebrations, the #HITsm Twitter community, focused on creating discussions on Health IT, has announced its 2011 Top #HITsm Contributors list. The list is broken into Individual Contributors, Organizations and Publications. Perficient Healthcare, under the Twitter handle @Perficient_HC, is proud to be recognized in the Organizations group for its […]

Is the Top-Down Approach to Meaningful Use Really Causing Problems?

Taking a top-down approach to government initiatives has been scorned by New Public Management advocates, who claim that a top-down hierarchical structure hampers efficiency, fails to meet the needs of society and lends itself to poor outcomes. Yet, today’s Meaningful Use initiative is noted for taking a top-down approach. If scholars are right, then Meaningful […]

Telehealth Continues to Gain Favor

Telehealth, not to be confused with telemedicine, is the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies. It is yet another way to address healthcare quality issues and offer consumer-centric healthcare. InMedica’s most recent report, “The World Market for Telehealth – A Quantitative Market Assessment – 2011 Edition,” projects the telehealth market will “exceed […]

HIEs post another Win within the Healthcare Industry

One of the most costly and concerning healthcare expenditures is emergency room visits. Providers and payers are especially concerned with the uptick in ER visits, because ER visits are known to be extra costly and peppered with discressionary visits. Providers and payers have decided lowering ER useage could be done by identifying ER abusers and […]

Real or Satire?

Quick-Lube Shop Masters Electronic Record Keeping Six Years Before Medical Industry KETTERING, OH–A comprehensive digital cataloging system that keeps track of its customers’ car maintenance history, oil-change needs, and past fuel-filter replacements puts Karl’s Lube & Go’s computerized record- keeping an estimated six years ahead of the medical industry’s, sources confirmed Friday… Alas, it’s from […]

Healthcare Needs Disruptive Innovations in Meaning

I recently read the excellent Design Driven Innovation, Roberto Verganti’s fascinating take on how certain paradigm-shifting products and services are created. In it, he introduces the concept of “innovation in meaning,” which he contrasts throughout the book with “innovation in technology.” Here’s my high-level summary of the differences: Innovation in technology: new electronics, parts, components, […]

Healthcare Informatics Made Easy?

This Fast Company article about the hot credit card-processing startup Square (their product is on the left side of the above image) got me thinking about health data, especially this snippet: Rabois says Square was designed to be the “Google Analytics” of small- to medium-size businesses, and unlike traditional POS systems, the app’s simple dashboard […]