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Will Digital Healthcare Technology Disrupt Independent Physicians

Why fear change? Change is good and has developed the world into what it is today. Change partners with adaptation, to promote a new way of doing things. However, is change in the healthcare industry putting independent physicians at risk? With the increased usage of digital healthcare technology, will the independent physician still be able […]

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[Guide] Improving Operations & Patient Outcomes: Strategy & Tech

Due to the emergence of value-based care, precision medicine, and consumerism, the healthcare industry continues to grow and change. More than ever before, healthcare organizations are collecting patient and member data in real time by utilizing mobile applications, wearable, and implantable devices. In fact, according to, “There are 3.7 million medical devices in use […]

Opportunity or Barrier: Adoption of Technology Aided Healthcare

Smartphone penetration has increased significantly over the last decade, with figures up to 81% in the U.S., as of 2016 (Lella, 2017). Additionally, the number of health apps on iOS and Android devices have more than doubled in the last 3 years, to over 325,000 as of 2017 (Pohl, 2017). As treatments have advanced for acute […]

#HIMSS15 Hot Topic: The Patient’s Experience as a Consumer

I spent some time yesterday with our friends at Oracle in the company’s #HIMSS15 booth exploring how technology enables the patient journey from the moment they learn about a hospital or physician practice to their life cycle of care. We reviewed Oracle’s portfolio of cloud solutions including: Oracle Social Cloud: Helps marketing teams manage and scale relationships […]

#HIMSS15: Can Real-Time Intelligence Equal Lower Cost?

I’m learning lots at HIMSS this week. One of the sessions I attended examined how real-time intelligence can reduce the cost of care. At first blush, I thought it would be about real-time “analytics,” but I was incorrect. What I found was an M.D. talking about actionable cost accounting. Kind of a nice change, I’d […]

#HIMSS15 Hot Topic: Remote Patient Monitoring and Big Data

I’m learning lots at HIMSS this week about remote patient monitoring. I’m very interested in the subject of harvesting data from patient monitoring devices and mashing it up with structured data about patients. I am awestruck when I consider the possibilities. “Personal IT” and remote patient monitoring technologies (RPM) are set for incredible growth and […]

Hot Topic: Retail Strategy for Healthcare #HITsm Tweet Chat

Participants of a tweet chat hosted by HL7 Health Standards on Friday, March 6, certainly had a lot to say on the topic: A Real Retail Strategy for Healthcare. The hour-long session drew 104 healthcare professionals who posted 980 tweets in response to five questions centered how the industry could benefit from the retail industry’s […]

Market-Driven Patient Portal: Telehealth Beyond the Virtual Visit

Last month I published a post entitled “What the market says you need in your patient portal” that garnered a lot of interest. In that post I addressed the balancing act that healthcare executives face when market based initiatives are sidelined in order to drive focus to regulatory requirements such as Meaningful Use. Sometimes the […]

The Digital Disruption of Healthcare

Over the past decade, many industries have been completely reshaped by digital innovation. Shopping, media consumption, and personal banking are just a few activities that have undergone revolutionary advancements, yet these seismic shifts have hardly been seen in healthcare; that’s all about to change. The next decade will prove to be the era of digital […]

Digital Acupuncture, Mapping Touch Points to Drive Healthy Behavior Change

You can’t change who you are but you can change your behavior. And sometimes, through consistency of habit, changes in how you act can truly alter who you become. It’s no secret, as a culture we’re up against it when it comes to healthcare. People are living longer and the big time baby boom is […]