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5 Examples of Incorporating AI into Healthcare Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has not only created much-anticipated hype but also has many working applications. Although it is in its infancy in healthcare marketing, there is great enthusiasm and potential for its use to innovate and disrupt creating cost savings and greater returns on investment. 90 percent of healthcare executives predict that they will see […]

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Why Savvy Healthcare Marketers Are Using Dynamics 365

Implementation of keen healthcare marketing strategies require the right tools. Healthcare organizations face mounting competition for patient loyalty, must continuously find ways to set themselves apart while enhancing engagement and delivering impactful outreach programs. Further complicating matters, consumers today expect you to know them and offer personalized communications and to deliver the right message, in […]

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The Healthcare Content Pie: 7 Marketing Strategies for 2017

Healthcare organizations are continuing to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare industry. Hospitals, health systems and health plans are undergoing infrastructure rebuilds to suit the needs of the new market; transforming their traditional business models to survive the rising expectations to deliver a connected and on-demand experience to patients and members. The growing expectations of healthcare […]

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Converting Unknown Consumers into Loyal Patients

I’m looking for a new primary care physician. Let’s refer back to my earlier post on how enabled patients pick a healthcare provider. Then, let’s go a step further. Yes, it’s important to have a real and authentic voice and to provide trusted healthcare content. However, we are still left with an all important marketing […]

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