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Healthcare Analytics that DRIVE Enterprise Data Warehouses #OOW14

In HIMSS14, I wrote about the Healthcare Treasure Map.  Not any treasure map, but an end to end all Clinical and Research PATIENT CENTERED Healthcare domain data model – the Enterprise Healthcare Analytics (EHA).  Colleagues refer to it as THE healthcare data model – similar to how NFL players announce their universities, “THE University of […]

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ACA and QRS – Shoot for the stars! Part 1

Last month I posted “ACA’s Quality Rating System – An opportunity to gain market share”, which explained how QHP issuers can gain market share in the individual space. In that blog I mentioned that, as part of the Quality Rating System, plans offered on the Marketplace will receive a “Star” rating based on a 5 […]

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Database inferencing to get to trusted healthcare data

A health insurance client of mine recently embarked on an initiative to truly have “trusted data” in its Enterprise Data Warehouse so that business leaders could make decisions based on accurate data. However, how can one truly know if your data is trustable?? In addition to having solid controls in place (e.g., unique indexes on […]

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5 Reasons Big Data Improves Personalization of Medicine

I enjoyed an article today in IT Business Edge about the ways that Big Data is improving outcomes. We hear that all the time, right? But what does it really mean? Why does more (and better) patient data lead to improved healthcare for all? When business intelligence is leveraged properly to deliver insights to healthcare […]

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Swallowing Sensors Gives New Meaning to the Quanitifed Self

You’ve heard of wearables in healthcare technology, but have you considered swallowables? Swallowing a piece of electronics is something that people are actually willing to try. Just this morning, Intel released results from a very compelling study on a range of consumer interest in electronic “wearables” and monitors. They asked people how willing they are […]

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Identity and the Internet of Things – Lessons for Healthcare

Attending Dreamforce in San Francisco last month, I was reminded of an article I read in All Things Digital about the role of Identity and the Internet of Things. Apparently Marc Benioff,’s CEO, mentioned during a presentation at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2013 Technology Conference, that Phillips, the electronics company long known […]

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Are you really listening to your patients?

If the pressure to obtain and implement Customer Relationship Management software by healthcare organizations is any indication, decision makers are recognizing the increasing importance of consumer knowledge in the race to improve patient satisfaction scores. Indeed, today, patient insights can lead healthcare organizations to their best opportunities for growth and restoration of profitability far more […]

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A Low Cost Big Data Integration Option?

With all of the interest in big data in healthcare, it’s easy to get drawn in by the excitement and not realize that it’s not a silver bullet that’s going to address all your data and infrastructure problems. Unless you are able to understand and integrate your data, throwing all the data onto a platform […]

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The Coming “Big Data” Storm

As a technologist raised in Kansas as a child, I am used to examining the horizon for changes in the weather. We could watch the large thunderstorms build up during the heat of the day into 40,000 foot monsters full of hail and tornadoes. I was reading an Ars Technica article on how pervasive computing […]

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The Conceptual Data Model – Key to Integration

The importance of data integration, whether for analytics, mergers/acquisitions, outsourcing arrangements, third party interfaces, etc., is easy to understand but extremely difficult to realize. The technical aspect of data integration is the (relatively) easy part. The hardest part is bridging the semantic divide and agreeing on business rules – i.e., communication. The Conceptual Data Model […]

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Chronic Disease Management through Disease Registries

Chronic diseases, those diseases lasting 3 months or more that cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication1, are placing an increasing burden on our healthcare system. Unfortunately, the United States has one of the highest rates of illness, disability and death due to chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, coronary heart disease and […]

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Key insights on source data for healthcare analytics & exchanges

Providers and payers need to exchange or source a lot of data, and the rate of this activity will only increase with implementation of Obamacare and other directives. Given the poor state of metadata management (which makes data sharing much more difficult), the decision to incorporate a new data set into an Enterprise Data Warehouse […]

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Harnessing Hospital Data to Improve Healthcare

In the age of ACOs and value based payments, there is a constant pressure on the healthcare industry to reduce costs without damaging the quality of care provided. While there are many factors in this balancing act, hospital readmissions and lack of medication adherence are two issues driving up costs that can be addressed and […]

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Drive Compliance and Profitability with Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare organizations face a constant pressure to reduce costs and improve performance, all while meeting changing regulatory regulations. Fortunately, with constant developments in technology, health IT can help organizations gain a competitive advantage. Healthcare analytics can provide organizations the ability to use their data to improve the quality of care, increase financial efficiency and operational […]

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Leveraging Analytics for Hospital Value Based Purchasing

Value based purchasing in healthcare has been discussed several times on our blog, most recently in the posts “Taking back the reins: Value-Based Purchasing in Healthcare” and “Maximizing Financial Rewards from Hospital Value Based Purchasing.” Last month, Perficient’s Martin Sizemore also co-presented a webinar with CitiusTech called “Hospital Value Based Purchasing: Leveraging Analytics Platform for […]

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Healthcare Data Modeling Governance

I participated in a webinar/panel discussion last week hosted by Dataversity on Data Modeling Governance, which was well attended and lively. The focus was on governance of Data Models and the Data Modeling environment (e.g., tools, model repositories, standards). Data Modeling Governance is supported by Data Governance – and Data Governance benefits significantly from Data […]

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Taking back the reins: Value-Based Purchasing in Healthcare

In a period of rapidly rising costs for healthcare and nagging questions about whether paying more for healthcare results in higher quality outcomes, purchasers of healthcare are looking for tools to measure, monitor, and improve the quality they are receiving for the health care dollar spent. Although there are numerous ways purchasers have approached these […]

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Maximizing Financial Rewards from Hospital Value Based Purchasing

Hospital payments should be based on the quality of care delivered, not the number of people treated or tests run. So says Medicare’s Hospital Value Based Purchasing Program, which has put the pressure on hospitals to perform high quality care, not just quantity of services. Medicare delivers reduced reimbursement rates and hospitals earn back this […]

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More Data More Problems? The Importance of Quality Analysis

My colleague, Lesli Adams, is a regular blogger on Perficient’s Oracle technologies blog. As the Director of Oracle Healthcare Business Intelligence, she often posts about topics that are also relevant in the healthcare world. She recently posted a blog about data reporting standards that would be a good read for those interested in healthcare analytics, […]

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