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McKinsey Advises Pharma: Focus On Solutions, Not Assets

In a recent post, I took an in-depth look at the first of three critical themes for success in the digital age, as identified by McKinsey & Company through interviews with 20 pharma executives: 

Ya Man! Fighting Zika With Reggae Music

  It’s often said that “music heals.” While it may not cure disease, some nations are turning to music in an attempt to prevent it. Jamaica’s Ministry of Health produced a reggae music video that’s about Zika, a virus that is spread through mosquito bites. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Zika is […]

Can You Quantify a Cold?

How do computers see the world?  Can they tell if we are happy?  Can they predict what we are going to have for dinner next Tuesday?  Can they recognize when we are sick? Well, my iPhone can.  Sort of. I was (finally) recovering from a nasty cold last week and I opened the Health app on my phone and noticed that […]

A Diabetes Kit…For Your Doll

  So, one of my spunky co-workers, who happens to be the prolific blogger behind, shared this on Facebook: “My daughter wants to use her Christmas money to buy a diabetes kit, just like daddy’s, for her American Girl Doll. It makes me happy that she will understand this part of his life a […]

Zuckerberg and Chan’s Letter To Daughter Focuses On Life Sciences

  In case you missed the headlines, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan got the best Thanksgiving gift ever last year – their daughter. Her name is Max. The proud parents wrote a breathtaking letter to her, sharing images of the world she lives in today and what they hope Max grows up to see. Just […]

Microsoft’s Favorite Things for 2016

Microsoft founded a separate division within the company, called Microsoft Research, back in 1991 as a global think tank of sorts to move computing, engineering, physics, science, and mathematics forward. It was, and is, a place for scientists, researchers, mathematicians, and otherwise incredibly bright people, to have the freedom to think about amazing ideas and […]

FDA Gives 23andMe The Green Light

  As a user of 23andMe since 2008, I’ve been closely following the company, especially since the FDA told them in 2013 to stop marketing their personal genetics testing service. At last, the FDA has given 23andMe the green light. Not surprisingly, the positive news pushed the cost of the genetics test from $99 to […]

UCB’s EVP And CMO Opens Up About Digital Transformation

  Digital transformation (DT), the concept of leveraging digital technologies to engage with constituents (e.g., customers, patients, employees, or partners) is vital in today’s world. The audience you’re targeting expects communication to be easy and information to be readily available at any time. If they can’t get what they want from you, they’ll go somewhere […]

Changes To Off-Label Drug Promotion Laws On The Horizon?

  I’m not going to get into whether prescribing or using drugs for off-label purposes makes sense – you can decide that for yourself. However, what I will tell you is that it’s a hot topic in the industry right now. Pharmaceutical companies continue to lobby the FDA to eliminate any prohibition of off-label promotion […]

5 Apps Leveraging Apple’s ResearchKit For Clinical Studies

  Imagine mailing over 60,000 letters to have only netted 305 breast cancer survivors for a clinical study. And that took three years. Now imagine enrolling thousands of subjects for a study, albeit with less strict criteria, in less than one month. That’s thanks to an app. 

Longing For That One Perfect Health-Monitoring Device

  I recently watched a segment on Bloomberg about Scanadu Scout, a little white scanner that you place on your forehead (makes me think of the Vicks forehead thermometer I use for my kids) to obtain a bunch of vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and SpO2 (oxygen saturation). Sounds really neat […]

Breathometer Wants To Take Your Breath Away With Mint

Breathometer is at it again. After the highly successful launch of the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer, the first company that got all Shark Tank investors to put in a total of $1 million has just created another Indiegogo campaign for a new product, Mint. Mint will be a tiny Bluetooth LE medical device (Class I) that’s […]

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