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Longing For That One Perfect Health-Monitoring Device

  I recently watched a segment on Bloomberg about Scanadu Scout, a little white scanner that you place on your forehead (makes me think of the Vicks forehead thermometer I use for my kids) to obtain a bunch of vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and SpO2 (oxygen saturation). Sounds really neat […]

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Breathometer Wants To Take Your Breath Away With Mint

Breathometer is at it again. After the highly successful launch of the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer, the first company that got all Shark Tank investors to put in a total of $1 million has just created another Indiegogo campaign for a new product, Mint. Mint will be a tiny Bluetooth LE medical device (Class I) that’s […]

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You Can Finally Stop Avoiding Those Horse-Sized Pills

It sounds like a funny topic, but it’s actually an unfortunate problem for many people – one in three, actually. When people struggle to swallow large pills (tablets and capsules), they tend to take less than the prescribed dose, or even avoid taking the medicine altogether. Either situation can result in making their medical conditions […]

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Tracing The Roots Of Regulations

The life sciences industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the world, which can make it a frustrating space to do business. But, retracing the current mass of regulations back to their roots can be like the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down…and might even make you feel kinda good […]

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Nutrition Companies Are Regulated For Product Safety Too

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries continue to be under close scrutiny by the FDA when it comes to product safety and the reporting of adverse events. With stringent regulatory requirements that’ll make any company or patient cringe, there’s no way to hide from authorities. And, rightly so. But, guess what? There are also adverse […]

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2: A Patient Portal Is Secure

Today I’ll continue with a related theme to yesterday’s discussion on regulation.  Specifically, a patient portal is secure.  You can interpret security in a variety of ways but let me give my own spin. The data is secure The access point is secure Setup is secure The system will track anything that happens on the […]

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HIMSS 13 or Bust!

Today I’m en route to New Orleans for this year’s annual HIMSS conference. Fortunately, these conferences are placed just far enough apart for me to forget the cruelty bestowed upon by valuable walking appendages while navigating the vast HIMSS grounds over and over and over again. My FitBit is fully charged for the occasion. There’s […]

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Connected Health Communities – Part 1

Facebook. Twitter. Ning. Blogging. MySpace. PHR. LinkedIn. Patient Portals. Web Enabled. Yahoo! Health. CaringBridge OMG!! What are healthcare organizations to do? Online communication and interaction has grown significantly in the last 5 years. Our patients are expecting us to communicate and build relationships in the same way they associate with other businesses. Facebook was started […]

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Behind The Tweet: Using Microsoft HealthVault to Provide Consumer Data Access

As an active participant in the Twitter Healthcare community I often want to know more about what my fellow participants tweet. Over the coming months I’d like to go behind the tweet and take the opportunity to learn more. Sam Adams (@1samadams), Manager Enterprise Software Engineering of BayCare Health System ( graciously agreed to share […]

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