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Overcoming Payer Challenges With Perficient’s Shop & Enroll Solution

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, payers face numerous challenges in delivering efficient and personalized services to their members. The traditional healthcare experience is often fraught with complexities, inefficiencies, and a lack of transparency, leaving both payers and members frustrated.   The Challenges:  Lack of a Single Member View: Payers often struggle with fragmented member data […]

21 Predictions About Digital Health in 2021: Part 3

21 Predictions About Digital Health in 2021: Part III

In my previous posts, I looked at five macro-themes as well as five implications for hospitals. In this post, I want to focus on health plans and I’ve enlisted a co-author – Priyal Patel, Director of Health Plan CX at Perficient. These predictions for health plans are in light of the five themes I see […]

Top 3 Features for Health Plans Using IBM UDMH 9.3

Recently my colleague, Bill Dempsey published a blog post on the 3 best features for health plans using IBM UDMH 9.3. In his article Bill discusses claims, labor, and health plan enhancements. The IBM Unified Data Model for Healthcare (UDMH) v9.3, released in fall 2017, delivers a number of new or updated features for clinical […]

2016 Connected Health Trends: Mega Merger Meets Member Experience

Creating the Connected Health trends report requires us to, among other things, mine through approximately 30,000 news coverage points per year. Circulating through the news in 2015 we found much on the topic of the new world of health insurance. Big news on this front was the industry consolidation under a string of potential mergers. […]

Air Travel or Healthcare Mega-Mergers: Same Impact on Customers

The health insurance shakeup continues, and last week’s $37 billion merger of health insurance titans Humana and Aetna is the latest in a wave of deal-making that is likely to reduce the number of large U.S. health insurers from five to three. In addition to the Aetna/Humana merger, Anthem and Cigna have acknowledged discussions about […]

#Tech Imperatives for Health Plans to Enhance Customer Experience

Regulations continue to drive changes through the $2.9 trillion dollar healthcare industry, with the goal of transforming the traditional system to improve quality of care and reduce costs. Healthcare customers are seeking price transparency now that they are responsible for a larger portion of the cost of medical services. Health plans must shift their business […]

Medication Management: 3 Important Safety Tips

One of the hot healthcare topics at health plans this year has been medication therapy management. Hopefully, you have had the drill with your primary care physician of listing the medications that you are taking and discussing the impact of one medication on another for you as a patient. Having said that, I have heard […]

Health plans adapt toward customer-based business model

According to Forrester: New regulations are driving changes through the US healthcare insurance industry. Care delivery and payment models bring new responsibilities and opportunities to impact healthcare quality and cost. This forces the businesses within this market to adopt customers-centric business practices. “2014 Technology Imperatives For US Healthcare Insurers” by Skip Snow, April 11, 2014 […]

Connected Health Trend Countdown: #1 Health Plans Go B2C

Here it is. After 5 weeks of the Connected Health Trend countdown for 2014 we bring you: Trend #1: Health Plans go Business to Consumer Are you at all surprised that the top trend is brought to you by the health insurance industry? Are you even more surprised that this is only the second time […]