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Healthcare Success Story with Boomi & Moderna

For the past year, major health care providers and research centers have been focused on one goal – minimizing the negative effects of the pandemic. One of these providers, Moderna, has been a front runner in the research, development, and dissemination of a successful COVID-19 vaccine. Due to their increased efforts and high demands, they […]

What Does a Biden Presidency Mean for Healthcare?

Late night Twitter scrolling. Feels like my consumption has risen exponentially this past year. Anyone else? But a series of tweets (and linked articles published on and JAMA Network) from Kaiser Family Foundation’s Executive VP for Health Policy Larry Levitt recently caught my attention. In them, he shares predictions for Biden’s post-inauguration impacts on […]

Healthcare bot for call centers during COVID-19 crisis

Chief AI Strategist Chats About COVID-19 Healthcare Bots

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (social distancing?), you know that healthcare providers worldwide are facing major challenges related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. One of these challenges is the rapid spike in call volume overwhelming call centers and providers. Many of the calls pouring in require human support to answer questions, but staffing […]

One Good Way to Promote Your Site Redesign

Erin Moloney flipped this to me via Healthcare Communication.  I’ve embedded the video and some text from the original post.  I’ll give my two cents afterward.   How do you excite hospital employees about an intranet redesign? Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center found a clever way. The center created a quirky video that follows the manager of its […]

PHM: Making the Sum Greater than the Whole

Research suggests that an effective healthcare model focusing solely on evidence-based medicine or preventative does not impact cost and quality as well as programs that merge evidence-based medicine with a healthcare program that encourages preventative care and evidence-based medicine (Cohen, Neumann & Weinstein, 2008). As a result, organizations that are focused on containing costs and […]

What does the Future of Healthcare Data Look Like?

Industry Today Healthcare ranks as the largest industry in the world and is responsible for generating over $4.5 billion in revenue. While the United States is home to only 5% of the total world population, US residences are responsible for nearly half ($2.2 billion) of annual healthcare expenditures. The industry provides employment to over 15 […]

Looking Forward: Mobile Technology, Privacy and Security

Mobile Health, or “mHealth”, offers benefits throughout the healthcare industry. For clinicians, mHealth is a method to remotely monitor a patient’s health and improve the quality care rendered. For patients, mHealth provides a way to monitor their own health more easily and reduces the cost of care by decreasing the amount of time spend at […]

Does the U.S. need a Federal Law to Protect PHI and encourage HIEs?

Requirements regarding the electronic transfer of personal health information differs from state to state. Some have suggested that the Federal government needs to establish guidelines for health information exchanges. Health information exchanges (HIEs) are technology solutions that address healthcare issues by aggregating massive amounts of data and allowing multiple entities have access to the data […]

Cash for Clunkers and the Healthcare Industry: Paper vs EHR

If the $19 billion in stimulus money allocated for the adoption of EHRs wasn’t an indicator that EHRs are a critical piece to the industry, then the U.S. Surgeon General’s announcement that they will be pushing the EHR movement along so that patients can “take control of their own health” and have the necessary information […]

Security and the Future of Healthcare

Poor IT security practices continue to plague the healthcare industry. Last year, a Ponemon Study found that poor security practices cost the healthcare industry $6 billion annually and that the HITECH Act has not resulted in changes to the approach taken to manage protected healthcare information. When an industry is under scrutiny for out-of-control escalating […]