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#HIMSS15: Managing Population Health with Science, Analytics & QI

Quality Improvement processes are an essential part of the clinical care continuum. I was a math major in college (way back when) and I “buy-in” to the science around statistical process control charts and statistical methods employed in QI. At the end of the day, in my opinion, science is the basis for improving the […]

How and Why to Logically Reverse the Star Schema in Oracle BI

Kathryn Watson, Solution Architect at Perficient, presented at KScope14 today about reversing the star schema in Oracle BI logically in the metadata Administration tool of Oracle Business Intelligence. It has long been accepted that classically designed dimensional models provide the foundations for effective Business Intelligence applications.  But what about those cases in which the facts […]

The “Secret Sauce” for Financial Transparency

Assembling the data needed to achieve financial transparency is both a technical and political challenge. My recent BLOG In Managing Finance at Hospitals, the Proof is in the Data discusses this in detail. I thought I’d take a moment now to discuss some of the software that combines clinical and financial data for cost management […]

Following the Money Trail: Understanding the True Cost of Care

Healthcare leaders are challenged to understand the true costs associated with providing care. If you ask caregivers to determine their current workflow, they don’t really know where the patient and family go before or after each step of their care so the total care pathway is not in their purview. This is a well-known challenge […]

Combining Clinical and Financial Data for Cost Management

Terie McClintock, Director at Perficient, wrote an interesting blog post about the importance of merging clinical and financial data. Assembling this data requires a robust technical architecture that easily stores the data relationships with contextual integrity along with the ability to resolve patient or person identity. Once the data is assembled, leaders of the organization […]

In Managing Finance at Hospitals, the Proof is in the Data

Assembling data is both a technical and political challenge. I’ve been involved with multiple hospitals where the finance and clinical teams never really collaborate and therefore the lenses put on either domain is not terribly realistic. Truly merging and using the data requires clinical and financial leaders to establish trust and shared goals that promote […]

Healthcare at Oracle Industry Connect | #OracleIC14

Terie McClintock, Director at Perficient, recently wrote a blog post about Perficient’s Health Care presence at Oracle Industry Connect. The Health and Life Sciences breakouts will showcase how these organizations are implementing enterprise-wide data warehouses and analytics capabilities that provide a comprehensive view of healthcare operations—patient visits, diagnoses, test results, prescriptions, referrals, and more—making it possible […]

Connecting the Dots at Oracle Industry Connect | #OracleIC14

Healthcare executives will get together to discuss how to use data to manage populations, increase efficiencies and advance personalized medicine, among other topics at the Oracle Industry Connect, an event that will take place on March 25 and 26 at Marriott Copley Place in Boston. The agenda includes keynote sessions on big data informatics and […]

Enterprise Warehouses: The gift that keeps on giving

I read a blog post recently with references to Oracle’s Marc Perlman @marcdperlman speaking about how Healthcare entities are nearing the timeframe where they can reap the benefits of implementing electronic health records. To quote Marc, “As healthcare providers look to establish enterprise data warehouses, they should begin with a specific project that hinges on […]

What will it take to decrease nursing home readmissions? #HIMSS14

HIE, clinical data, quality measures, financial and claims data along with healthcare analytics – what does it take to decrease readmission rates in nursing homes? There is so much attention these days on making the most of all of the clinical and financial data regarding healthcare, hospital readmission costs and reimbursement, but do we really […]

The Digital Disruption of Healthcare

Over the past decade, many industries have been completely reshaped by digital innovation. Shopping, media consumption, and personal banking are just a few activities that have undergone revolutionary advancements, yet these seismic shifts have hardly been seen in healthcare; that’s all about to change. The next decade will prove to be the era of digital […]

The role of a Data Warehouse in the Accountable Care Organization

I read an article recently about the role of analytics within an Accountable Care Organization.  This article discussed the need for a longitudinal view of patients using data from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).  Healthcare providers are making better data decisions through uses of EMR technology, but there is more than a “query” involved! Now […]

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