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Data Integration: Taming the Beast of Healthcare – Part 2

Last September I started a blog series on data integration for Healthcare. The problem, it is impressively difficult to integrate data from one or more EMR systems into a cohesive analytical database. The fact that I’ve been doing that job for the last 2 months is a testament to that statement since it kept me […]


10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #5

TREND #5: UTILIZE REUSABLE ACCELERATORS TO QUICKLY ACHIEVE ACTIONABLE DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTS One of the keys to a data-driven organization’s success is interoperability of all data systems. Data integration is not only critical for making sound business decisions but it is also the cornerstone to understanding and engaging with consumers. For healthcare organizations, integrating data is […]

6 Healthcare EPM Trends

Healthcare CIO Series: Exploring Healthcare Analytics

I am teaming up with CIO David Chou (@dchou1107), an executive with more than 13 years of experience in the healthcare industry to bring you a series of blog posts that provide a unique perspective on some of the healthcare industry’s biggest trends and challenges. David has been named to several “Top Social CIO” and […]

Perficient Named IBM Worldwide Analytics Partner of the YEar

Perficient – IBM’s Worldwide Analytics Partner of the Year

My colleague Stephanie Banks, Sr. Marketing Manager at Perficient recently wrote a blog post on our IBM blog announcing that Perficient had received a prestigious award from IBM. Perficient was recognized at IBM Insight and presented with the Worldwide Analytics Business Partner of the Year award. This award encompasses all solutions under IBM’s Analytics software […]

The Perficient Health Analytics Gateway Wins IBM Beacon Award

Perficient’s Health Analytics Gateway is a robust solution that accelerates data integration by more than 50% and automates the population of the IBM Healthcare Data Model, which helps healthcare organizations generate insightful and actionable analytics much quicker. This innovative solution delivers rapid results from the Enterprise Data Warehouse and provides business intelligence and analytics that […]

Webinar: Healthcare Enterprise Data Model: Buy vs. Build Debate

Transformation is sweeping across healthcare in the United States at a rapid rate. Healthcare organizations, regardless of size, need to embrace new technologies in order to keep up with the quickly changing landscape and comply with evolving regulatory requirements. The solutions to these challenges have one thing in common, the need for accurate information. In […]