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How to Configure Tableau and Drill to Show Data from HBase & Hive

In this blog, I will be describing how to configure Tableau 10 Desktop connection to Apache Drill and explore Hive or HBase instantly on Hadoop. By using the combined feature of these tools, we are convenient to get direct access on semi-structured data such as key-value format and even document storage, without having to rely […]

Big Data and You: What is Data Variety?

Welcome to “Big Data and You (the enterprise IT leader),” the Enterprise Content Intelligence group’s demystification of the “Big Data”.  Of the three V’s (Volume, Velocity, and Variety) of big data processing, Variety is perhaps the least understood.  The modern business landscape constantly changes due the emergence of new types of data. The ability to […]

Time Well Spent in 2015

The end of 2015 is fast approaching, with December looming just a week away. For most people, December is packed with the hustle and bustle of last-minute gift shopping, or end-of-year projections and budgets for 2016. Often in the sway of all this activity, many are so focused on the approaching New Year that they […]

Ignite 2015 Recap – Top 3 Sessions to Replay

Welcome back from a great Ignite Conference! By now, I hope everyone knows that the conference recordings are posted to channel9, a section of MSDN. Microsoft does a great job of recording and publishing all of this content quickly, its pretty awesome. One of my biggest challenges at the conference was knowing which session to […]

A little stuffed animal called Hadoop

A little stuffed animal called Hadoop

Doug Cutting – Hadoop creator – is reported to have explained how the name for his Big Data technology came about: “The name my kid gave a stuffed yellow elephant. Short, relatively easy to spell and pronounce, meaningless, and not used elsewhere: those are my naming criteria.” The term, of course, evolved over time and […]

Column-Oriented Storage for Massive Data

We have been using a number of database management system (DBMS) such as SQL Server, DB2, and Oracle, but probably we don’t care about how the data is stored and organized in disk. Actually most of popular DBMS are built upon the row-oriented structure which stores its content by row; while today’s DB market, column-oriented […]

A Silver Bullet for Big Data: Hadoop Family

In previous post I talked over basic concepts, business values, some situation and facts of big data application. Actually in current IT world, the big data related technologies and products were being developed and practiced dramatically. There will be a pretty long list in which how many companies and organizations have been involved in this […]