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What’s a GUID and How Does Sitecore Use It?

Just as the cell is considered the building block of all life, the GUID is a “building block” for all items as they exist in Sitecore. In this post, we’ll go over some GUID basics and talk about why they’re important to the way content and other items are referenced inside of Sitecore. What’s a […]

Useful Tip: Sitecore Component’s Rendering ID

This is will be a quick blog about a detail involving Sitecore which I find myself using more and more.  Often in Sitecore, we have a component which can be added multiple times to a page but we need the means to identify a specific instance of that component in code to perform some activity […]

Sitecore 8 Branch IDs info is lost when Installed from a Package

I have been working in a Sitecore environment where in code, I am checking the branch template ID of an item when searching for those items using Coveo.  Once I completed my unit testing of this functionality in my local development environment, to move things along, I created a package of these items to install […]