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Implementing Custom Play/Pause Button for Embedded YouTube Videos Using IFrame Player API

Recently, I worked on one bug where GTM tracking was breaking for an embedded YouTube video with a custom play button. The video played perfectly fine on the click of the play button, but it was not getting tracked by GTM. I didn’t find anything wrong in the code, so I researched and found that […]

These Days Fingers Do The Talking

Of Mice and Touch Devices: A Google Tag Manager Story

As a technical analyst, I was working closely with a client to ensure they were tracking the most important parts of their website. Here was our solution: The client’s request: Track the bottom navigation on the website that only appears on a mobile device using Google Tag Manager (GTM). Sounds fairly standard. Inspect some elements, […]

Use Tag Management to streamline your tracking

We marketers need to move at the speed of the internet. That pace is getting faster and faster every day. Unfortunately the larger and more robust your website is, the more difficult it can be to work with the IT team to push out new updates and changes to the code for your marketing needs. […]